WWE: The Top 10 Wrestlers on SmackDown

Richard TilleyContributor IIIOctober 12, 2011

WWE: The Top 10 Wrestlers on SmackDown

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    Let's face it, the SmackDown roster is pretty diluted of resources. With a Heath Slater bury match being booked every week, it looks like there isn't much on the Blue brand.

    However, when you look at it, there are actually some gems on SmackDown. So without further ado, here are the top 10 wrestlers on SmackDown.

10. Sin Cara Black

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    We haven't seen much of our doppleganger Sin Cara (unless you've been watching FCW, where he is known as Hunico).

    However, from what we have seen, he's a great cruiserweight that can no doubt hold his own with high-flying moves. I am excited to see more from Hunicara.

9. Justin Gabriel

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    Justin Gabriel has one of the best finishers in the WWE. The Nexus would be even blander than it already was without the 450 splash topping off beatings.

    I really hope he comes out to be a top superstar in the WWE.

8. Randy Orton

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    Alright, maybe Randy isn't that good in the ring, and maybe he's a little one-dimensional microphone, but hey, at least he's not Heath Slater.

    He's still one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE and can be entertaining at times. His feud with Rhodes should be a good one.

7. Sin Cara

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    Everyone's favorite high flier! Sin Cara might have been botchtastic when he first came to the WWE but now he is on fire, continuing his feud with Sin Cara black.

    He looks to be a serious contender for the WHC in the future. Good for him.

6. Wade Barrett

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    Everyone's favorite snobby heel. Wade Barrett is impenetrable on the microphone and solid in the ring.

    By next year he could be holding the WHC.

5. Mark Henry

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    For a typical monster heel, Mark Henry has been quite impressive lately. Being a veteran, he deserves to finally get the WHC.

    Mark Henry is the World's Strongest Man and a complete monster right now.

4. Daniel Bryan

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    Let's be honest, Daniel Bryan has been on the low end of the WWE for a while now. But he's still one of the best technical wrestlers we have.

    Hopefully he will get a push around the time he cashes in his MITB.

3. Christian

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    Christian has the masthead of the superstars that are dissatisfied with Triple H. He's great on the mic and even greater in the ring.

    Hopefully he will get another main title before his career is up.

2. Sheamus

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    Who doesn't love the big white Sheamus? He's been dominating and deserves every bit of attention he's been getting. Sheamus is going to be a WHC contender in no time.

1. Cody Rhodes

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    Really, who else did you expect? From being the most heated heal to bringing the classic Intercontinental title, Cody Rhodes has been on fire and is the top talent on SmackDown right now.

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