Dear Bernie, Please Compromise...

Sheiban ShakeriSenior Analyst IDecember 4, 2008

OK, so the Canadian Grand Prix has been cancelled —that's old news. But, I would like to ask Bernie to be a little Canadian, which means making a compromise.

With a revamping of points to medals and average finishing positions of drivers, but the constructor's being relatively untouched, Bernie has gone too far and made this Canadian quite unhappy.

So, what we do in Canada is when somebody is unhappy, the collective decide on a compromise. Canada was built on compromises starting from Sir Wilfrid Laurier to the adoption of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

For Bernie, here's a compromise that I think he could live with and one that fans could also be OK with:

If you're going with medals, be figurative. Count the number of wins, second places, etc. as wins, second places, etc.

Putting in medals for the drivers makes F1 look like an amateur sport, which it very clearly isn't, and takes away from one of the great traditions of racing—the trophy.

On top of this, having a medal means that the race sponsor would like to have their logo present on it, and while the plaque of a trophy should be sufficient and appears to have been done for the most part, the medal is only one fixture and a corporate logo could dominate the entire thing because of its size and visibility, setting a bad precedent for the future.

The F1 points system does need revamping and fixing, and while I don't believe that using medals and counting up wins is the way to go, F1 ain't no democracy! It's run by a fellow who wants to maximize income and reduce costs, but if he were to listen to concerned fans who wanted to compromise, it could be better...