WWE: JR's Most Humiliating Moments

Anthony Rizzuti@@Anthony_RizzutiSenior Analyst IIIOctober 12, 2011

WWE: JR's Most Humiliating Moments

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    On the October 10th edition of Monday Night Raw SuperShow, Jim Ross was fired by interim GM John Laurinaitis.

    Ross was ousted in front of his hometown Sooners, making the firing that more humiliating. In fact, it wasn't even in the final script leading up to the night's episode. Ross claimed he was "blindsided" by actions taken by Laurinaitis.

    But this wasn't the only embarrassing moment "Good Ol' JR" went through. Monday night's occurrence was just the latest addition to his personal hall of shame. 

    Here is a list of more humiliating moments suffered by Jim Ross.

JR Joins the Club

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    In 2001, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon established a special club. It was so special, in fact, that it only allowed membership for six distinct individuals.

    Unfortunately for those individuals, it was Vince's "Kiss my A**" Club., and unfortunately for JR, he was one of those individuals.

    With the help from Kurt Angle and 'Taker, Jim Ross become just the second member of Vince's esteemed group.

    (This too was another instance where Ross was humiliated in Oklahoma.)

JR Receives a Can

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    It is no secret that Jim Ross and Stone Cold Steve Austin are very close, and it is no secret that Ross called Austin's matches with a bit more energy than others. 

    However, Ross had to face the fury of the Rattlesnake during Austin's infamous heel run in 2001. 

    (As a side note, the Austin heel turn at WrestleMania X-7 started a string of very bad decisions made by the company. Why make a guy, who made a living off of defying authority, succumb to Vince McMahon?)

Triple H Beats Up JR

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    The slide title explains it pretty well...

Triple H Beats Up JR, Again

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    Yes, again.

    Funny how this happened twice. Fast forward a handful of years later and Triple H does JR a solid by hiring him back.

    However, JR did walkout on Triple H in that COO angle, I guess he remembered this beatings.

JR's Surgery

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    Here, JR gets mocked by none other Vince McMahon. 

    However, the focus of this gag isn't on Vince's hindquarters. This time it's about JR's.

Kane Sets JR on Fire

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    As children, we were always told not to play with fire. However, that rule excludes the Big Red Machine, Kane.

    To make a point to JR's friend Austin, Kane sets aflame to longtime WWE commentator. 

JR Kisses Michael Cole's Foot

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    Kissing someone's foot is nasty enough, but when your foot looks like Michael Cole's, it's even nastier. 

    Here, Michael Cole forces JR to kiss his foot and recruits Jack Swagger to help him do so.

Michael Cole Imitates JR

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    Michael Cole hits the list again. This time he kicks of an episode of Raw by dressing up like Jim Ross.

    Cowboy hat, Sooners jersey and all—Michael Cole makes a mockery of the WWE legend. 

Michael Cole Squirts Barbecue Sauce in JR's Face

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    Guess who? You guessed right, it's Michael Cole.

    This next offense his perhaps the worst of the three. Cole grabs JR's own barbecue and squirts it all over JR's face. (For those of you with your mind in the gutters, get out!)

    The most humiliating thing about this is that Cole manages to get the sauce directly into JR's eye. Ross didn't seem to happy about that.