Top Five Premier League Final

Benjamin RogersAnalyst IDecember 4, 2008

Its time for the last Issue of the Premier Leagues Top Five Series. In this last Issue for the Premier League we will determine the player who falls short of the Top Five and we will find out, Which player will represent the Premier League in the grand final.

Just in case you don't know why I'm doing the Top Five series competition, it's so I can find the most popular football player, not just on Bleacher Report, but to whoever wants to vote.

The competition works like this: the players will be my choice and my decision, and will be selected from the opinions of friends whose football knowledge I respect. Any players that could be added can be sent by comments from the viewers of the article.

I'll do a poll every issue to see who is the most popular player from each club, then at the end of the long article series, I will put all the top names into one big league article.

After I've gathered the favourite players from each league, I will put them into the end article to find out who's the most popular player overall.

I will try not to just include Europe in the competition, but also include some of the other major clubs from around the world as well.

The leagues I will look at will be the Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga, LFP, MLS, Brazilian League, A-League, Portuguese League, and the Dutch League.

Over all six issues we looked at Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, and Aston villa. In all six of the articles, people came out in their hundreds to vote and thousands to at least view the articles and for this I thank you as your opinions mean so much.

The Arsenal vote saw Fabregas win the Arsenal poll with 70.1% of the 344 votes, and the article got 18698 views.

The Manchester United vote saw Wayne Rooney take 37,4% of the 289 votes cast by the United fans and the article got 3121 views.

The Liverpool vote saw Steven Gerrard take 58.9% of the 341 votes cast by Liverpool fans, and the article had 2415 views.

The Chelsea vote saw Frank Lampard win with 60% of the 225 votes cast by Chelsea fans and the article made 1597 views.

The Tottenham vote saw Ledley King win with 39.2% of the 97 votes cast by Spurs fans and the article made 1276 views.

The Aston Villa vote saw Ashley Young win with 45.1% 0f the 443 votes cast by Villa fans and the article made 3337 views.

So who will represent the Premier League in the Top Five grand final. Will it be Fabregas, Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, King, or Young.

No player has been ranked and the list is not in any particular order at this time.


Name: Cesc Fabregas

Position: CM

Age: 21

When you think of Arsenal, you think of Cesc Fabregas; he's Mr. Arsenal. Arsenal's best playmaker, and a player who doesn't just make assists but scores goals. In my opinion, he's the best player at Arsenal, but many of you may disagree.


Name: Wayne Rooney

Position: Striker

Age: 22

Since Manchester United signed Rooney, he has been a deadly force amongst others in the attack of Manchester United. At the start of this current season he is looking great and after a disappointing season last time out, he is firing on all cylinders. One of England's and Manchester United's top prospects as he still has time to learn.


Name: Steven Gerrard

Position: Midfielder

Age: 28

Captain of Liverpool and a real gentleman, one of the best players and men in the Premier league. It seems every goal he scores saves Liverpool from defeat or makes them the best of the best. Without Gerrard, Liverpool would not be where they are today and probably would not have won a certain night in Istanbul. A true future legend.


Name: Frank Lampard

Position: Midfielder

Age: 30

One of the best and most loved players at Chelsea, he is to Chelsea fans what Steven Gerrard is to Liverpool fans. He is one of the best midfield goalscorers and always seems to be able to squeeze the ball into the back of the net. He is very passionate about Chelsea and plays for the badge.


Name: Ledley King

Position: Centre Back

Age: 28

Ledley eats, sleeps and breathes Spurs and is a hard working die-hard defender who really puts everything he has into every single game he plays. The club captain is a fine product of the youth system and a great example for the young Spurs faithful and kids alike.



Name: Ashley Young

Position: Winger

Age: 23

One of England's rising talents, Young is quickly becoming a crowd-pleaser at Villa Park. He has great speed and skill and can be a living nightmare for the best of defenders. I'm sure you all know that he is a great prospect for England, so we would do well to keep an eye out for his up and coming performances.

Well there we go the players you voted for are ready to go head to head and battle it out, for the Premier League Place in the Top Five grand Final.

Remember your vote counts.

As always, hope you enjoy the article.


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