Jim Ross Tweets That the WWE Is NOT Talented but He's Wrong and Here's Why

James OldsContributor IIIOctober 11, 2011

Jim Ross As A Younger Man
Jim Ross As A Younger Man

Jim Ross has long stood as the crown jewel in the broadcasting field of professional wrestling by members of the Internet Wrestling Community and casual fan for the better part of a decade.  His "awshucks" attitude and 10-gallon cowboy hat speak volumes to the breadbasket of America and of other country folk from around the country. 

Despite Ross's ties with Oklahoma, he has made a name in the business as talent evaluator in the WWE, which is headquartered just miles from the pressure cooker that is New York City, proving that the city slickers in the NYC can learn from a self-professed "country bumpkin."

Ross has also been at one time or another the head talent evaluator for the WWE, the same title that John Laurinaitis currently holds on TV and backstage.

Or does he?

Or is it Ross?

What about Hunter?


With social media being so prevalent in the WWE's marketing strategy, it can be confusing just what is happening anymore.  Jim Ross doesn't make it any easier on the regular wrestling fan.  His tweets, a form of communication on the popular social media website Twitter, can range from boring to mundane, too just plain old head scratching.

Mistico, aka Sin Cara, Being Talented
Mistico, aka Sin Cara, Being Talented

When answering questions from fans, Ross will deliver the stock answer that talent is what the WWE needs more of, a statement he has made clear through a series of frank admissions over the past five years or so.  The lack of talent is what is wrong with the WWE but he's always quick to say that he's not denigrating the current WWE talent, but how other way could it come across as but a slap in the face to the hardworking workers that make up the televised talent force that is the WWE wrestlers.

The WWE, as it's constituted today, does not reward talent.  One can not imagine that a man so talented as Mistico could come to the WWE and somehow lose the ability to portray a compelling storyline within the stingy confines of a wrestling match. Much like the subpar season that high-priced free agent Carl Crawford gave the Red Sox, it is known that Crawford has not lost any talent.  Mistico hasn't either.  

The mere thought that Mistico would have to go to Florida, the minor leagues for all intensive purposes, to somehow prove his worth to the WWE and adapt to a style that does not, obviously, fit his talent, is mind blowing to say the least.

Jim Ross should be ashamed of himself.

The WWE should be ashamed.

Sure, Mason Ryan might have the look and may be able to perform the customary power move/pose/rest hold horribleness that permeates the WWE these days, but he is not talented.  Mistico, Bryan Danielson, Dolph Ziggler and others, have been held down for far too long because they have not easily adapted to the WWE's style, but they, indeed, are talented.

Jim Ross might not think so.

His tweets don't.