Tim Tebow Is Now Starting for the Denver Broncos: I'm Sure You Have an Opinion

Brendan O'Hare@brendohareContributor IOctober 11, 2011

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 09:  Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos talks with members of the San Diego Chargers following the game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on October 9, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. The Chargers defeated the Broncos 29-24.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

On August 31, 2011, I wrote an article entitled "Tim Tebow Is Being Oppressed By the Denver Broncos." I felt Tebow was being mistreated and undervalued as a (then) No. 3 quarterback and that he deserved better. More specifically:

He hasn't been outstanding in the preseason, but he hasn't been a waste of time either—which the Denver Broncos obviously see Tebow as for some reason. It doesn't make sense, when you look at Tebow's numbers from last year and his famous desire to learn things. Although he would never do this, Tebow should demand either a trade or a release. He is being oppressed in Denver. He can be a legitimate contributor to an NFL team (as, you know, he was last year), but it is apparent that he will never get the opportunity to in Denver.

Let’s just say the reaction wasn’t super positive. As Tim Tebow was announced the first-string quarterback today, let's look back at what people were saying then. Give me your current thoughts in the comments:

Stuart Phillips:

If you really want people to stop making him a target of criticism then one of two things have to happen. (1) He has to earn the starting job and play at the level of Brady or Manning. Every other QB in the league gets criticised, (2) Stop writing about him and let him develop, like every other non-starter in the NFL, without the glare of the spotlight every day. If those two things don't happen and all the TT fanatics keeps screaming for him to start, critics are going to continue to say why he is not ready until he earns that right!

Mike CQ:

None of the writers' opinions count. They won't change anything. You write for B/R to generate traffic for them and get readers engaged like here. In the end, it's just for entertainment.


If he earned the second spot, he'd be there. He hasn't earned anything. Fox was brought around to do one main thing, restore Denver's winning tradition. Frankly, nothing Tebow has done yet suggests he can do that. It's more than "He throws funny" as certain people in this thread have suggested, even though that's a huge problem (see Byron Leftwich).

jeff bart:

I know the Denver staff that hired him is gone and the John Fox era has begun in the mile high city. If they don't want this style of QB, why keep him on the roster? Give him a chance to go play elsewhere. He'd be a welcome backup in Philly, where the style of play favors a scrambling QB... He might start on a handful of teams...

Mo Anonamous:

Um yeah first rounder picked by a moron first year coach that was SUCH an idiot he obviously couldn't make it a whole season as a coach. Mcdouche was such a moron giving away picks to take Tebow that clearly even by veteran coaches was a 5th, 6th or 7th round pick and for any NFL team is a "project". People think that since he was picked in the 1st round he's an instant starter. He's not and he clearly should have not been a 1st rounder pick. Tebow belongs as the 3rd or 4th stringer. Look there is nothing wrong with the Practice Squad, they help you develop and so if Tebow wants to make it with some NFL team (not the Broncos) he will be traded at some time... But if he wants to make it with and NFL team he should use the practice squad to his advantage and get better. Tebow will be most likely a backup QB for some NFL team but he's not 1st stringer and he might be better suited in another position. He's just not cut out for QB.... All I got to say is welcome to the practice squad!!!

Kevin Smith:

this reminds me of an old saying... " You Get What you Put in and People Get What they Deserve " My father used to tell me this when I was younger and complaining about being treated unfair in Sports, Jobs, and life in General.. I Finally realized what he meant by that phrase. Basically, The one who decides is what you deserve is you, by your performance. So does Tebow deserve his situation? Of course he does. Does that really mean that he is 3rd tringer or going to sit the bench all season? Hell No it doesn't. The Broncos have not released anything that says he will not be used or traded or anything of that nature.. This BS is all Media hype.

Dan Hendley:

Woah! Did you quote stats in a Tebow article? I did not know that was allowed. Certainly it is NEVER done by his critics.

Kaveh Moini:

you guys keep talking about what he did in houston game but every budy did looked like joe montana againts houston last year the game that boomer and merril mostly look at is the charger game were he was 16 of 36 for 205 yards thats ave of 5.6 yds per attempt way below average and 2tds and 2ints and mostly looked lost when he droped back to throw the ball which goese back to what they say about him not being able to reading complex defenses.

Kevin Smith:


Joel K. Harris:

Tim Tebow will get paid this year, next year and and the next year. Tim has other skills beyond the game of football. Tim can read and write. A formal education from a quality university; U of F.

Adam Kirkland:

Oppressed? Really? I think thats a pretty poor choice of words.

troy risby:

Tebow is being Oppressed by the Broncos: What are they not letting him use the same toilets and water fountains as everyone else??

Henrietta Dillon:

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What do you guys think now? Leave it in the comments. Has Tebow deserved his spot? Am I still a haughty jackass? I want to know!