MMA in India: Roadblocks Loom, but Fan Support Would Be There

Deepak JainContributor IDecember 3, 2008

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is spreading like wildfire all across America, Europe, and many parts of Southeast Asia, whereas people here in India are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

WWE is quite popular in India, and with the entry of Great Khali, interest is immense.

As we all know, WWE is just entertainment and not a genuine sport, whereas MMA is a legitimate sport that allows a wide variety of fighting techniques from all martial art traditions and cultural backgrounds, where defeating the opponent is the sole objective.

MMA matches are held in an eight-sided cage ring called the octagon. There are three modes of victory, firstly by way of knockout, secondly by submission—forcing an opponent to tap out, and, finally, by judges' decision.

It is very difficult for MMA to make inroads into India because of human rights issues. In India, the Censor Board is awfully strict and would not entertain these types of fights. 

In ancient India, a lot of animal (particularly rooster fighting) and slave fighting which used to take place in front of Rulers and Emperors, and they encouraged and enjoyed the event. Nowadays also in free India, at some places animal fighting still takes place although it is prohibited.

Such brutal fighting is not tolerated under human rights codes in India, whilst the USA has taken a big step in legalizing it in the form of MMA with structured rules and regulations, but still no one can deny the fact that it will be hard to justify here.

Hats off to these fighters who engage themselves in MMA, though; they are just like soldiers fighting on the border for their country. Because a man when fully engaged in a fight does not care about his injuries but continues to fight for his prestige.

It would be a pleasure if MMA makes it to India. Seeing the likes of GSP, BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, Randy Couture, etc. in action will entertain and encourage many people, but it seems a distant dream because it is just raw and brutal fighting and not allowed in India. But we hope that it comes to India soon.