Beyonce, Nets Owner Jay-Z Dealing with Fake Pregnancy Rumors

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Beyonce, Nets Owner Jay-Z Dealing with Fake Pregnancy Rumors
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People are as cynical as ever these days.

Everything a famous person does is fake and done for publicity.

Jaded and jealous people accuse celebrities, people they wish they could be, of ridiculous allegations to let out their own rage.

This has never been more evident than the recent allegations that mega-music couple Jay-Z and Beyonce were in fact, faking their pregnancy.

Yes that’s correct, people truly believe this is all a big hoax because the couple needs the publicity.

If there were ever two people that didn’t need the constant attention it would be these two.

The New York Daily News has the details on the outlandish rumors:

During a recent interview with Australian talk show "Sunday Night HD," the singer's burgeoning belly puzzled viewers when it appeared to have collapsed in size as she slowly sat down in her seat.

The clip has sparked a frenzy of speculations, ranging from rumors that Beyonce is wearing a prosthetic bump to claims that she is faking the pregnancy entirely. Another explanation for the bizarre sight could be blamed on the material of the singer's dress.

A representative for Beyonce has already confirmed the allegations are completely false.

People were also skeptical of her belly at the VMA’s when she first announced the pregnancy.

Jay-Z has much bigger things to worry about right now then addressing a bunch of wild rumors like…oh you know like trying to make his New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets relevant in the NBA.

The lockout is officially robbing fans of games and now HOVA has the dubious task of getting fans interested in a team that’s most famous player is the whipping boy on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

The last thing the rap mogul needs to be worrying about is a bunch of rumors regarding a slight shift in the belly of his wife.

Please disregard this stupid rumor as fast as possible.

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