Urban Meyer Has Some Choices to Think About—Like Where to Work

IcemanCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2008

Imagine this for a moment:

It's Monday, the day after your company you own just had a very successful  meeting with another company. You wake up and its a gorgeous day, the sun's out and there's a slight breeze, and beautiful women are all over the place.  You take your time getting to work, absorbing the awesome the weather. 

You get to work and you mangers are laughing and enjoying a stress free work day in Paradise.  Your workers are the best in the business, they have unbeatable talent and are the fasted workers in the nation. 

The rulers of your world just ranked you the second best company in the nation, and you have a week to enjoy the weather until you have a meeting with the No. 1 company in the business.  If you outwork them, you get to go to the title meeting against another great company. 

keeping your business in its great shape is easy, all the best already work at smaller company's in the neighborhood, the best of the best come to your company to work for 4 years, then move on to a less fun, but bigger company. 

The pay is great, did you forget that the weather is awesome?  You only messed up on one meeting this year, but who cares? You are still the best in the nation.  The beach isn't far away, and the stress level of your works is at an all time low. 

But another company wants you to run it for them.  You like this company, they used to be the best, but have failed 13 out of the last 24 meetings in the last two years.  they want you to move to someplace cold, dark and rainy.  the workers there generally suck at what they do, and are not nearly as fast as the workers at the company your are at now.

the old boss, who you would replace, is on the hot seat for not meeting crazy expiation's from the blinded consumers of the company.  they expect you to turn dirt into gold, and to do it now.  The stress level at this new place is very high, and if you don't succeed soon, your ass is also fired. 

Getting good workers to your company is also much harder than your old company.  The best workers don't want to come to a cold, crappy place to work, they like the warm places.  most of them cant even come to this company, they focused to much on working, and not on reading.    

So you end up with the left overs, and its not much to work with.  this place used to be hopping, but has lost its magic.  They wanted you a few years ago, but passed because of the weather.  You think to yourself, now why would I want to come here? this tradition? Na, that was a long time ago.  The stock holders? Na, they have crazy expiation's and want me to work way to hard.

So what do you do, you shake your head at this crazy idea and go back to the beach and enjoy so sun.