Yankees Looking into Adam Dunn & Rocco Baldelli

Kevin RozellSenior Writer IDecember 3, 2008

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The Yankees should definitely consider going after Dunn and Baldelli. A lot of people are upset about having Brett Gardner as the Yankees starting center fielder next year. I can’t argue with that. He has no power, he hasn’t shown he can hit for a decent average in the majors, and he strikes out a lot. He did hit .296 with Scranton last year though.

You expect a decent amount of power coming from your outfielders, and Gardner just doesn’t bring that to the table. Gardner has a great amount of speed, and I think he could be a vital bench player for the Yankees. He could pinch run late in games when they need to swipe a bag or place him in center for defensive purposes.

Baldelli has overcome adversity as he has a rare neuromuscular disease that kept him from playing most of last season. He is back though, and Rocco could fill in the CF slot in the Yankees lineup. These are Rocco’s Career Statistics.

With the departure of Giambi and Abreu... the Yankees will have a big empty spot in the order. They need a big bat in there to set up A-Rod. Adam Dunn could be that guy. You are gauranteed 40HR’s from him every year and about 100 RBI’s. The downside is that his career average is .247. I would still go after him though. These are Adam Dunn’s Careeer Stats.

Dunn & A-Rod combine for 100 HR’s next year? That would be pretty cool. 

Yankees could use a CF and a guy to support A-Rod in the lineup

The market for free-agent outfielder Adam Dunn is starting to take shape.

The Braves, Mariners and Nationals are among the teams interested in Dunn, major-league sources say, and his list of suitors could grow quickly.

Dunn, 29, also represents a fallback position for the Dodgers if they lose Manny Ramirez and the Angels if they lose Mark Teixeira.

The Yankees, too, could emerge as an option if they strike out on the top free-agent starting pitchers.


Around the horn

Add the Yankees to the list of teams interested in free-agent outfielder Baldelli. The Rays, Red Sox and Phillies also are pursuing Baldelli, who came back from a rare neuromuscular disease with the Rays last season.

Baldelli, 26, could serve the Yankees as a right-handed hitting alternative to Hideki Matsui in the DH spot, and also play outfield against certain left-handed pitchers …