Ohio State's Dysfunctional Relationship with the BCS

Lloyd SeverenceContributor IDecember 3, 2008

Every year at this time we enter into the same discussion of the BCS and who will go to what bowl game. More often than not we know exactly who will be going where in the BCS pool except for maybe one or two teams.

This year is no exception to the rule and with that comes the obligatory Ohio State discussions.

Ohio State has been an elite team for a long time but has been on an upward trajectory since the arrival of Jim Tressel. No one is ignorant enough to believe that Jim Tressel, or the recent success of the program, is the reason for the hatred that is aimed toward Columbus.

People have had issues with Ohio State for a long time and the resurgence of the program (with the advent of the BCS) has only brought those feelings back to the forefront.

With this comes the equivalent of a media bomb when the subject of Ohio State is brought up on networks such as ESPN, ABC, Fox Sports, etc. OSU is such a polarizing subject in the media that no one just slightly touches on the subject anymore. Either you love or you hate Ohio State, unless of course you don't follow sports.

It's as if Ohio State has picked up a new rival, the National Public. This new rivalry game is all year and the winner takes home the Golden Egg Award.

Now without further ado let's discuss the possibilities that sit before Ohio State in the BCS.

Option 1: Fiesta Bowl vs. Texas

While this option is not the best matchup, it would draw a lot of attention. It would also draw a lot of fans and make a lot of money for the city of Glendale (and the surrounding metropolitan area of Phoenix). This game would be the tie breaker of the two-game series the two teams split a few years earlier.

Ohio State/Texas Record: 1-1

Option 2: Sugar Bowl vs. Alabama/Florida

This option is a little more intriguing assuming that Alabama is the winner of the SEC. Ohio State has received a bum rap against SEC teams that it may not necessarily deserve.

This could be another chance for Ohio State to redeem itself on a national stage, or fall flat against the SEC. If Florida is the SEC winner, the game might receive some hype as a rematch to the 2007 BCS National Championship Game.

Ohio State/Alabama Record: 0-4

Option 3: Orange Bowl vs. Cincinnati

This would be an interesting matchup pitting two Ohio schools against each other in Florida. Florida is a pipeline state for the OSU program and the Buckeyes would probably prefer to play in this venue this year to help give their team more exposure in the area.

Cincinnati would be hyped to play against the big brothers of their state and attempt to show the country that they can compete outside the Big East.

Ohio State/Cincinnati Record: 4-0

Personally, I'll be pulling for the Orange or Sugar bowl, but as an informed college football fanatic, decide yourself where Ohio State should play. But make no mistake, Ohio State will be in the BCS this year.