WWE Positive Counterpoints: Rage Seen a Mile Away Over Walkout Twist

Marc MattalianoCorrespondent IIIOctober 11, 2011


It's pretty sad when I can watch an episode of Monday Night Raw, see how things get booked and go "wow, writers on Bleacher Report are not gonna like this!"

Last night on Raw, the big story of the wrestler walkout developed further.  The show started somber and silent, with only Triple H walking to the ring. He vowed to continue his duties, and reminded everyone that the deserters who walked out the week before were outside holding a rally.

He's then met by John Cena, Sheamus and CM Punk, all vowing in their own ways to stand by Triple H. They all want to fight and, thank goodness at least one of them mentioned it, the fact that WWE is known for being an "unsafe working environment" is why many of them sign up to work there in the first place!

Randy Orton again did not voice his opinion.  Not like he would've voiced it in a very compelling way if he had.  Anyway...

Triple H then made an impromptu match, Sheamus vs. Cena with CM Punk doing commentary and timekeeper duties, while Hunter refereed.  Midway through the match, Vince McMahon made a surprise return and shooed everyone away. Vince said that the board of directors had relieved Triple H of his COO duties (much like they had Vince months ago), and have set in place an interim GM for Raw.

Namely, John Laurinaitis. 

Subsequently, with Laurinaitis being the bad guy corporate husk, he systematically began undoing most of the good things Triple H had done while COO.


As I watched, I enjoyed seeing the story play out as it seemed to be moving in a logical direction.  As Vince stated, WWE is a business and the board would be logically concerned seeing all its talent boycott the flagship broadcast of the business.  They would stand to lose millions, so they took action.


Anybody who reads this, who is disappointed in how the walkout went, please let me know...what exactly did you foresee making the walkout a successful swerve?

It was huge seeing not only the referees (it was pointed out on WWE.com that the refs had walked out in similar fashion back in 1999) but the Divas, Superstars, commentators and crew walk out on the boss. 

But what would have needed to happen to make it successful in many of your eyes?

Fact of the matter is this: a conspiracy is still in place and it still mirrors reality—to a degree.  The Internet Wrestling Community has had different ways of putting it, "bad booking," "bad creative," "Vince is an idiot," "we hate Kevin Dunn," etc.  By calling what's gone on in WWE "a conspiracy" all this time, it gets your average fan mad at the same exact things the Internet Wrestling Community is mad at.

R-Truth spouts nonsense about John Cena being the center of attention so many months ago, and your average Lil' Jimmy says, "boo!  John's the center of attention because he's the best!"  Really? 


Aside from beating Alberto Del Rio, a superstar still somewhat new in WWE, in one match that John didn't fairly earn his way into, he's failed at many of his other attempts at winning back his title recently.

Meanwhile, new interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis announces John Cena gets yet another opportunity to compete for the belt.  Meanwhile, CM Punk, the most deserving of the Raw main-event talent, is busy in another match Laurinaitis put together with David Otunga, teaming with Triple H to fight Awesome Truth.

Thus, CM Punk will not be getting a shot at the WWE Title in two weeks at Vengeance, despite winning most of his title opportunities against Cena.

Some of you may be seeing this as a description of what's gone on.  However, others of you, who are more capable of reading between the lines, are likely seeing the correlation between how this situation has played out in kayfabe and how similar John Cena rivalries have gone in the past.

Some guy wins the WWE Title, spouts about how good he is, John Cena challenges him and, magically, the match is made!  Cena wins, despite being beaten within an inch of his life, and after that victory Cena gets added to another rivalry, and the cycle starts over.

What R-Truth said all that time ago, what CM Punk shot about in his infamous promo from over the summer, it's all coming true.

And again, the storyline is mirroring what most of the Internet Wrestling Community believes to be true anyway!  That's what really aggravates me about the IWC being mad about how this is going.

The Internet Wrestling Community will cry and whine and complain that John Cena gets all these title shots because of bad writing on the part of creative, bad decisions by management or lack of risk from the financial department—because Cena's been such a big "draw" and sells the most merchandise.  We've heard every reason under the sun.

Now, WWE is mirroring that.  There is absolutely no question in the mind of anyone smart enough to look at the real picture that John Cena is benefiting the most from this conspiracy.  He gets title shots at practically every PPV, he's still a main focus on the show.

Looking back, John Cena has directly competed for the WWE Championship in every PPV back to Elimination Chamber 2011, on February 20, and even then he won his opportunity to take on Miz at WrestleMania. 

Before that was Royal Rumble, Cena competed in the Rumble and got eliminated by Miz, who wasn't even supposed to be there—which if you think about it really only occurred to give fuel to their match at WrestleMania and add hype to Elimination Chamber.

Every single PPV, and again, at Vengeance in two weeks, Cena will again be in line for yet another title shot.  As critical as I am of Cena, I've gotten to a point where I actually hope he wins.

Not because my tune has changed about his character, but because if he defeats Alberto yet again in another normal one-fall match, it will keep proving more and more that the conspiracy is real. 

Besides Miz, Cena, Punk and Del Rio, nobody has had any real chances at the WWE Championship.

Miz was champ at the beginning of the year, Cena took it from him and he never regained it.

Punk took it from Cena, but Vince initiated a tournament that Mysterio won, but Triple H gave Cena another chance and he won.  Mysterio has since been out with an injury.

Punk still had his belt from Money in the Bank, so they had a unification match.  Triple H made a "bad call," "allowing" Punk to win, but Kevin Nash flattened Punk which gave Del Rio a perfect chance to take the belt.  As I said, Del Rio still being somewhat new, Cena made short work of him at Night of Champions and took the belt right back yet again.

Hell in a Cell, Del Rio and Rodriguez locked Cena out of the match. Del Rio uses a weapon and pins Punk, but yet again, John Cena is magically placed into a title match.

The cycle keeps flowing in circles so that Cena keeps getting the belt back.  And I'm not pointing this out because it's proving bad for business, because people think it draws to put the belt on Cena or because of WWE's creative decision making.

I point this out because the cycle is getting shorter and shorter.  Used to be Cena would keep the belt for a long while, stomp on any flickering light of hope fans had to see someone else be champion and the status quo would be successfully and happily maintained.

This year, Cena hasn't been able to hold onto the belt. Whether that's unintentional, and Cena has actually tried his damnedest to hold onto it but can't, or whether it's completely intentional and Cena has been in on this whole plan since years ago, I really can't say.

R-Truth proved to be nothing more than a thorn in Cena's side.  Punk was far more challenging to deal with, but with Del Rio as an effective smoke screen and place-holder, Cena has an easy in to get his belt back any time he wants.

Whether you believe in all the kayfabe storytelling, or you fancy yourself an internet smart Alec who claims you know how the business works and you complain that they're not running things properly, one thing is clear...

The conspiracy is real.  Conspiracy, planning, what's really the difference?  What's the definition of conspiracy?

Dictionary.com says "an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons."  The only real difference between a conspiracy and a financial business plan is that one is inherently based on undermining a particular system for particularly evil means.

Some of you may feel WWE is right to keep John Cena where he is and not move him away from the belt.  Some of you may feel WWE is shooting itself in the foot by keeping every other talent away from the belt.  Either way, decisions are being made behind the scenes.  People are talking it over before every show and in most cases, John Cena comes out in the green in the end.


We can sit here for hours trying to predict if John Cena is going to win his 11th WWE Championship at Vengeance.  But whether he does or not, it's a good thing.

If Del Rio sneaks away with a victory, Del Rio gets a longer second title reign than his first.

And don't give me this crap about Del Rio being a paper champion.  Edge was a paper WWE/WH Champion for years before his last legit run as World Heavyweight Champion.  Del Rio has time to be legit.  Get over it.

If Cena wins, the status quo will once again be in place, and all will be well with the world.

At least in the eyes of those high up in the company. 

Whether you believe it's a kayfabe conspiracy or bad decisions by management, it's the same damn thing.  WWE isn't just helping us remember what good wrestling programs are like.

WWE has come up with a way to unify the Internet Wrestling fans and average fans who don't read the dirt sheets.  They're putting into motion a way to make everyone, whether Cena fans or not, hate Cena for getting back the belt a thousand times in a year.

I will keep saying this until people agree.  John Cena does a lot of good for a lot of charities.  He's a hero to little kids everywhere.  Fine and good.  However, given how mixed feelings are about him, it's impossible to make everyone sympathize and root for him, and it's far easier to get everyone booing him instead.

Will we see a WWE someday where every fan roots for Cena again?  I'm positive we can.  However, it won't be till after a long period where everyone boos him.

With the cycle closing and becoming shorter and shorter by the week, whether as a result of the conspirators needing to change plans on the fly or willfully trying to throw us off course, the facts remain the same:

John Cena has another title shot in a long line of title shots this year.  So far, it's in a normal one-fall match Alberto Del Rio. Given his success in normal one-fall matches against guys not named CM Punk lately, John Cena has a great possibility of winning his 11th WWE Championship.

I believe in the conspiracy.  I believe it's always been a conspiracy.  And I believe that by making John Cena the center of the conspiracy, they can do something WWE has never done in this capacity:  unveil a plot dating back 10 years.

They did it to a degree with Kane and the Undertaker recently, and even though that rivalry fizzled to give Undertaker time to recoup before his match with Hunter at WrestleMania, that was an on-screen fictional story.

John Cena's situation is far more real to life than two demonic beings from Hell.

Cena debuted on SmackDown in an impromptu match against Kurt Angle on June 27, 2002.  He's been active in WWE for nine years now.

Remember when Undertaker walked around with his Decade of Destruction shirts?  Maybe Cena can't say that he laid waste to people for 10 whole years straight.  But we're coming up on the eve of Cena's 10 year anniversary next June.

Sometimes, conspiracies need gestation time.  They need time to grow into what they can truly be.  John Cena constantly winning, sure, it's been boring when there wasn't a conspiracy to discuss.  Now that the conspiracy is more visible, thanks to R-Truth and CM Punk opening their mouths, Cena's wins aren't worth as much to his personal credibility.

Best part is, the Internet Wrestling Community has been talking about it for years already.  Take it how you want, WWE ripping off the IWC's feelings.  WWE taking responsibility for leaning on Cena all this time.  Whatever.  The end result should still be the same.

WWE changes.

They paint their new-gen Hulk Hogan in a different light just in time for UFC to gain strength with a new show.

They build mega-stars out of sleepers just in time for TNA to get a new head writer.

And they redefine why they're the top wrestling company in the world just in time for ROH to build a head of steam with their TV deal.

This is all building to something, and instead of continuing to bury things before you watch them come to a full climax, stop talking, watch, think, delve,and above all...



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