WWE Vengeance: Kevin Nash To Return and 9 Other Predictions for the PPV

Will J BakerCorrespondent IIIOctober 11, 2011

WWE Vengeance: Kevin Nash To Return and 9 Other Predictions for the PPV

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    The WWE pay-per-view schedule rolls on in two weeks as Vengeance is broadcast live from San Antonio, Texas.

    The WWE landscape has changed dramatically in recent weeks with the groundbreaking "walkout" leading to the return of Vince McMahon, the removal of Triple H and the appointment of John Laurinaitis as Interim Raw GM.

    The Miz and R-Truth have been re-signed and it seems that we are about to enter a period of bias, favouritism and conspiracy with Laurinaitis at the forefront.

    He has already shown his true colours with the firing of Jim Ross and the goodwill shown to the group of superstars led by Christian.

    It is clear that he has an problem with CM Punk as well as John Cena and Triple H and expect all of his personal issues with these men to worsen at Vengeance.

    Here are 10 predictions for the return of one of the WWE's classic pay-per-view events. 

Air Boom Retain Tag Team Titles Against Ziggler and Swagger

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    The pairing of Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston as Air Boom has worked wonders for the tag team division as well as the careers of these two young superstars.

    Both men are energetic, exciting and extremely popular with the fans—the hallmark of a great babyface tag team.

    But there is also an element of permanence about Air Boom that we have not seen in the WWE tag team division for quite some time.

    Whereas it was clear many tag teams were only paired together temporarily so that they could split up and feud, that should not happen for a very long time, if at all, with Kingston and Bourne.

    They have a tag team name, matching ring gear and now they have their own entrance music which gives their team more of an identity.

    They have also been involved in some entertaining tag team feuds, firstly with Awesome Truth and now with Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger.

    Air Boom defeated Ziggler and Swagger at Hell in a Cell but Vicki Guerrero's clients have renewed the tensions and scored a victory over the tag team champions this past Friday.

    A rematch involving these four young superstars would be a good way to kick off the pay-per-view with a bang.

    I would predict Air Boom to retain as they need a good long title run to keep their credibility going forward.

Sin Cara Azul vs. Sin Cara Negro

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    Hunico and Mistico disappointed the entire wrestling world when they put on a sloppy and lacklustre effort at Hell in a Cell.

    It was sad to see two accomplished luchadors fall flat on their faces in what was a highly anticipated matchup.

    They should get the chance to redeem themselves at Vengeance as this rivalry goes deeper than the identity of Sin Cara.

    Sin Cara Negro, or Hunico, was forced to change his ring name from Mistico while working in Mexico to avoid a legal dispute with Sin Cara Azul, who is famous for his work as Mistico.

    This feud looks set to continue and this time Sin Cara Negro should win to extend the rivalry even further. 

Christian, Barrett and Otunga vs. Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Mason Ryan

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    When the WWE have no creative plans for established superstars leading into pay-per-views, they usually put on a meaningless six-man tag team match.

    Christian and Sheamus have been feuding recently so they should be at the forefront of a match like this.

    Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett are two talented superstars that should have a huge future in the business but lack creative direction.

    David Otunga has been given a more prominent position on TV lately, with the WWE deciding to run with the fact that the former Nexus member is a Harvard Law graduate.

    Otunga also seems to be a particular favourite of Mr. Laurinaitis and it would make sense to give him more face time.

    Mason Ryan's recent face turn should signal big things for the Welsh behemoth, as he seems to possess the charisma needed to get over.

    His similarity to a babyface Batista is more evident than ever and it is time for him to get back to action on PPV.

    The faces usually win these impromptu matchups and that should be the case here as well.

Shawn Michaels To Make an Appearance

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    The pay-per-view will take place in San Antonio, Texas, which just so happens to be the hometown of one of the greatest superstars in WWE history.

    The "Heartbreak Kid" has made sporadic appearances since retiring as an active wrestler at WrestleMania 26.

    The crowd would love to see Shawn Michaels show his face, maybe show his support for Triple H and administer a superkick to some unsuspecting talent.

    Drew McIntyre's career seems to be looking up after a recent match with Randy Orton on Raw and a segment with Shawn Michaels would help to keep him relevant.

Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton for the Intercontinental Title

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    Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton is almost a certainty to be booked for Vengeance.

    This feud has all the right ingredients to make for compelling television and to attract the fans' interest.

    The history between these two men is well known and Orton recently busted open the side of his former protégé's skull with the ring bell.

    Rhodes interfered in Orton's match last night on Raw and delivered a Cross Rhodes to the "Viper."

    A feud between these two would help to elevate Cody still further and it would keep Orton out of the World title picture allowing for fresh feuds to develop.

    But it also has a tertiary purpose in helping to restore the credibility of the Intercontinental title.

    Cody Rhodes has already started to make this title meaningful once again through frequent defences and the return of the classic belt.

    But if he defended it against Randy Orton, one of the top superstars in the company, it would make the IC title seem like a secondary World title once again.

    In the past, men like Jericho and Mysterio would occasionally drop out of the main-event scene to compete for the Intercontinental title and Randy Orton should be made to do the same.

    Rhodes should retain but a clean victory over Orton is unlikely, so a tarnished finish is to be expected. 

John Laurinaitis Makes Several Backstage Appearances

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    John Laurinaitis has suddenly stepped into the limelight as the temporary general manager of Raw and should have an important role to play at Vengeance.

    Expect mysterious text messages, encouragement for his favoured talent, plotting and a possible role to play in the main event.

    It is also likely that there will be yet more interaction with between Laurinaitis and the man he replaced as GM of Raw, Triple H.

Beth Phoenix Cheats To Beat Kelly Kelly for the Divas Title

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    Beth Phoenix should hold onto the Divas Championship for a long time to bring back credibility to the divas division.

    A dream match with the returning Kharma at WrestleMania is on the cards and it is not unthinkable that the "Glamazon" could keep the belt until then.

    Kelly Kelly has a rematch though and the feud between these two seems to be heating up after Kelly completely lost control and viciously assaulted her nemesis.

    Phoenix needs to retain the title but Kelly is still Vince McMahon's "golden girl," so she will be most likely be protected by some outside interference from Natalya to soften the blow of defeat.

Big Show Defeats Mark Henry Via DQ; Kane Returns To Save His Tag Team Partner

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    I expect Mark Henry's reign of dominance as the World heavyweight champion to continue until the Undertaker returns to knock the "World's Strongest Man" off his pedestal.

    So that means that the Big Show will not be given a run as World champion and it is unlikely to defeat Henry in two weeks.

    But the Big Show is a returning superstar and it would be cruel for the WWE to completely stop his momentum, so another disqualification finish would make sense.

    Henry loses control and brutally assaults Big Show with a chair; he would then position the chair around Show's ankle and prepare to once again induct the "World's Largest Athlete" into the "Hall of Pain."

    Then Kane's music would hit and the "Big Red Machine" would make his return to save the career of his tag team partner.

    A double chokeslam through the announce table would end this section of the show, thus keeping the title on Mark Henry and making Big Show look strong in the process.

Kevin Nash Returns To Help Miz and R-Truth Defeat Punk and Triple H

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    Kevin Nash has not been seen on WWE TV since costing CM Punk the match at Night of Champions.

    But there seems to be an understanding between Laurinaitis and Nash as it was the new Raw GM's text message that led to Nash's interference in the Punk-Triple H match.

    Kevin Nash has come to detest both Triple H and CM Punk and it would not be inconceivable for Laurinaitis to sign the big man back and make him hit the ring.

    This match will most likely be given a No Holds Barred stipulation which affords Nash the perfect opportunity to make an impactful return.

    This could also be the beginning of an NWO-like stable with Nash throwing in his lot with Miz and Truth.

Alberto Del Rio Retains His Title in Controversial Circumstances

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    Alberto Del Rio's first reign as WWE champion was short-lived to say the least but WWE management seem determined for Del Rio to succeed.

    He was victorious at Hell in a Cell and will take on John Cena once again with the title on the line.

    It would be lazy and boring for the WWE to give Cena yet another title reign and Alberto Del Rio should retain.

    But it is almost unheard of for Cena to lose clean on a pay-per-view, particularly to a cowardly heel such as Del Rio.

    There are many ways for this match to be booked so that "Superman Cena" comes out with his reputation intact and a legitimate complaint that would allow him to ask for one more match.

    Ricardo Rodriguez could interfere, Del Rio could utilize his steel pipe or John Laurinaitis could exert his influence so that Cena does not win the title again.

    Cena knocked the executive vice president of talent relations out cold at Money in the Bank and Del Rio belongs to the same group of superstars that seem to have Laurinaitis' backing.

    I envisage a situation similar to the Montreal Screwjob where Del Rio locks in the Cross Armbreaker and Laurinaitis calls for the bell to be rung without Cena tapping out.