Complaints From an Oakland Raider Fan About His Team

David RichardsonSenior Analyst IDecember 3, 2008

#1:       Javon Walker Will not play Sunday (of course), Ashley Lelie is "questionable," missing the latest practice on Wednesday. What may be our best Receiver, Chaz Schilens, is also out.

       So that leaves TE Zach Miller, punt returner/WR (mostly Punt Returner) Johnnie Lee Higgins, Ronald Curry, who is getting worse and worse(In fact, Head Coach Tom Cable benched him earlier in the season, but Ronald has to play tomorrow, because of the absence of Chaz) at the Receiver position... Unless of course the Raiders have some other nobody- Receiver, who'll have to play.

#2:       "Oh Yeah Bolts, were ready to play you on Thursday Night Football in San Diego! Because we still have a better kicker! And a better kicker=better team! Yeah! Go Seabass!"

       That was me complaining about The Raiders Offense depending on Seabastion Janakowski way to much. He is probably the best kicker in the NFL right now, but can't we score next time we're in the red zone!

#3:                Why on earth do we still have Michael Bush? If it was up to me, I'd keep him and PLAY him! I'll repeat: PLAY him! Again: PLAY him!

       If He's gonna be a third-string RB then get rid of him! But, what would be even better, is if you mix him in with Darren McFadden and Justin Fargas. I'd like to see him at the goal line, which brings me to my next complaint...

#4:          Every single time we get to the 5-1 yard line we run the ball with Fargas, this is NOT THE ANSWER! Running the ball inside the 5 yard line is smart when you're the Raiders, but not Fargas. Michael Bush is the answer here (though McFadden would also be fine.)

#5:         Gibril Wilson is NOT good against the pass... at all. Last year, with the Giants, Wilson had 94 tackles, 4 interceptions. 94 tackles is a lot for a Safety.

       Does anybody remember the game in Baltimore? 'Member the long touchdown pass that should've been a delay-of-game penalty?Turns out, that was Wilson's man. And the opening drive on the MNF opener?

Wilson should get as bulked up as he can, and then Raiders would put him at Linebacker.

Of course, I didn't actually think that would happen, but it would be a lot better for the Raiders pass-defense.

Well, that was my final complaint for now, but if I come-up with more I'll be sure to make a part 2. Thx for reading!