Drogba "Will Be Going No Where In January," Says Kenyon

Bela TrimmelCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2008

Peter Kenyon told the BBC earlier this week that Chelsea have no major plans for the January transfer window. "Most of the players we would go after are usually cup tied during the window," he said.

You can speculate with a high degree of certainty that the intention of the question was not to see if Chelsea were interested in rivaling the wish list of Manchester City but to gain some insight into the Didier Drogba situation.

Will he stay or will he go?

When I think of the situation surrounding Drogba, all I can think of is the song "Should I stay or should I go?" by The Clash. It seems that Mr. Drogba has been asking himself this question since Jose Mourinho left last year and the answer isn't getting any clearer.

This is not the first time that the Ivorian national has doubted his career at Chelsea. During the 2005-06 season, he made a statement that made known his desire to return to his former club Marseille. However, with the prospects of Mourinho running a 4-4-2, Drogba seemed to be more inclined to sign a contract extension with Chelsea.

Ahead of last weeks tie with Bordeaux, it is reported that Drogba had a meeting with representatives from Inter Milan, where Mourinho now coaches. There is no clear indication of what the talks were about but when asked, Drogba reminds everyone that he has a contract at Chelsea until 2010.

Peter Kenyon, the chief executive at Chelsea, seems to agree. "Didier is under contract for the next 18 months," he told the BBC and it would seem that the club is unwilling to let the striker go.

The Aftermath?

How would Chelsea do without Drogba?

I am going to venture a guess that they would do just about as well as they are doing right now.

It is taking time but Anelka is slowly working into his boots and once the team is fully fit, they will get back to the way they were at the start of the season.

Chelsea have a solid midfield and a decent back four. They also have one of the better goalkeepers in the world. It isn't as though Drogba is the glue that is holding it all together.

I will not deny, he is a great striker. Had he been available against Arsenal, would it have made a difference? Maybe. Maybe not. There is no real way of telling. It all comes down to a giant game of chance.

A transfer would have the chance to develop the talents of other strikers though, such as Salmon Kalou.

For Inter, who are currently flying atop the Serie A, Drogba would have an active role under Mourinho.

He would be paired with former Chelsea striker Hernan Crespo, who left under the Mourinho term.

Will He Dive Into A New Team After 2010?

Apart from his on pitch antics, Drogba will likely dive into his own sorrows once his Chelsea contract is up.

Unless he comes back with a strong performance in the second half of the season and into next year, I doubt the Blues will give him an offer he can't refuse.

However, I don't believe that any other team that he would want to play for will offer him enough.

Although, he may side with a team that works a clause into his contract for tissue because it will not be the last time that Drogba will cry for a change of venue.