Green Bay Packers: Why Night Games May Lead to Less Humor

Jacqueline Moen-KadlecContributor IIIOctober 10, 2011

Aaron Rodgers:  Leading the Pack, out into the night.
Aaron Rodgers: Leading the Pack, out into the night.Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Well, greetings again from the Frozen Tundra my friends!

Of course, it would be safe to think that fans of the green and gold would be ecstatic today, right?  I mean, the Green Bay Packers are 5-0, with a sensational quarterback (Aaron Rodgers), few penalties, an awakened defense (go get 'em Clay Matthews!  Shake your head no way, uh-uh, B.J. Raji!) and even fewer turnovers. 

And while there were positives, there were negatives, too.  What in the world happened to Jermichael Finley's hands?  He couldn't catch a COLD out there last night.  And, it also turns out that he may be completely immune to Aaron Rodger's "I'm going to hurt you, buddy" glares.  Thank you, Greg Jennings, for the impressive level of play!  All in all, an impressive win by an impressive team.

However, we wouldn't be passive-aggressive Midwesterners unless our joy was tinged with a little owliness.

In other parts of the country, owliness may not be a word.  In Wisconsin, "owl-y" can, and is, used in sentences.  For example, "Lena, you look perturbed.  What's the matter?"  "Ole, I'm just owly.  My lutefisk was bad."

For those of you non-Norwegians, lutefisk is a Norwegian food delicacy.  It is cod, which is soaked in LYE (yes, lye).  At one point and time, as recalled by my Grandma Ethel from her childhood, the lye-soaked cod was placed out in the FULL, BLAZING SUN in front of the local grocery stores.  No, it was not placed in containers, but rather out on boards so that it could soak up the full benefit of the sun.  As the cod began to turn into a jelly-like substance (and no, I'm not kidding either), Ethel said that you knew it was done when the neighborhood dogs would pee on it.

B.J. Raji
B.J. RajiStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

Yes, I am serious.

Ethel further reports that the lutefisk was then done, as it was freshly salted, and was sold in the grocery store.  While I was fleeing to the nearest bathroom, she called out, "Well, it WAS soaked in lye prior to the dogs visiting!" 

Yeah.  Ask me why I have a twisted sense of humor?  My humor may be a genetic oddity that occurs from my grandparents consuming fish-jelly (aka lutefisk) and saying it is a delicacy.  If you need further proof of this, consider the trick to consuming lutefisk.  You douse it with enough butter to cause a coronary and knock it back like a Jell-O shot, as lutefisk has about the same consistency.  When your 81-year-old Grandma starts hooting, "Knock it back like you mean it!," and you do, you know that this is something that is a truly learned behavior.

And further proof that people of Norwegian descent would win every Fear Factor-type eating challenge, hands down as lutefisk is one of the least offensive foods in the Norwegian culinary palette. Need further proof?  Come to my family's Christmas and try to identify what each food is.  Don't worry, I'll explain what it is after you eat it.

I apologize.  I digress.

If you live in Wisconsin, you know that today was not a pleasant day in the hallowed grounds of the Tundra.  And who is at fault for all this?  The NFL and the people that schedule games for the Green Bay Packers.

Clay Matthews:  Dancing in Atlanta
Clay Matthews: Dancing in AtlantaScott Cunningham/Getty Images

Night games mean that I answered my phone with the cheerful expression "WHAT?!" until about two o'clock this afternoon.  Night games mean that about three-quarters of the state of Wisconsin were late rolling into work, if they showed up at all.  Night games further mean that about one-half of the state was not sober at 7 am this morning, as they were out celebrating the Packers' win until the wee hours of the morning. 

But, you also need to consider that IF the Packers had lost last night, the fans would still be drinking.  And would probably continue to drink until week eight.

It's not like Wisconsin is filled with beer-swilling, slightly deranged fans.  That is simply not the case.  However, a lot of fans of the Green Bay Packers remember the 1980's teams.  And for the most part, that is the ONLY thing that they remember from 1980 to 1990, as the pain of the Packers losing seasons was too much for many fans to bare sober.

Minnesota Vikings fans know what I'm talking about, right, guys?

I kid, I kid.  The Vikings won yesterday.

So, yes.  In closing, having night games (Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football) can lead to fans of the green and gold being abrupt, rude and down right mean at times.  However, with a Packers victory, at least we were smiling today.

Or it could have been we were just baring our teeth.  Either way, bring on the Rams.