Obama Overrules BCS and Pits Ball State and Utah In Title Game (Humor)

Rufus NavarroContributor IDecember 3, 2008

In an unprecedented move, president-elect Barack Obama overruled the BCS computers and selected undefeated Ball State and Utah for the BCS Championship Game.

Ball State will likely defeat Buffalo in the MAC Championship game on Friday and Utah already completed its season unbeaten.

This is part of Obama's "Robin Hood" plan to take money away from the rich and give to the poor.

In this case, taking away from major conferences and giving it to smaller conferences.

"The MAC and Mountain West Conference have been among the hardest-working collegiate football conferences in the United States of America for quite some time," said Obama, while he looked for a puppy online.

"As the future president of this great country, I believe it's time to finally give them a break."

Vice president-elect Joe Biden had a less than enthusiastic reaction to the news.

"I like things," said Biden just before nap time.

The move leaves Big 12 powers Oklahoma and Texas out of the mix, as well as Alabama and Florida from the SEC.

Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe was befuddled to say the least.

"I don't really know what to say," said Beebe, almost in tears. "I was initially delighted that he is going to be leading our country, despite the fact that he's going to tax me out of existence. But now? I'm not so sure."

Utah coach Kyle Whittingham was ecstatic upon hearing the news.

"This is exactly why I voted for him," said Whittingham. "I knew he'd pull some crazy stunt like this. Does it make sense? No. Do we deserve it? No. Do I care? No."

"I look forward to helping the blue-collar teams more in the future," said Obama with a wink.

"Just wait until the Super Bowl rolls around."