UFC 136 Results: The Biggest Winners and Losers Who Weren't on the Card

Scott L. HutchinsonCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2011

UFC 136 Results: The Biggest Winners and Losers Who Weren't on the Card

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    Saturday night's UFC 136 was one of the most spectacular MMA events of 2011. The card wasn't particularly stacked with big names, but the night was filled with fireworks from start to finish. 

    Not only did the evening offer some serious entertainment, but it also shook up the future of the UFC in a major way. While it was Frankie Edgar, Chael Sonnen and the rest of the night's victors who stole the show, the results of Saturday's bouts had a big-time impact on the careers of several other fighters who were not on the card. 

    Here's the low down...

Winner: Clay Guida

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    Am I the only one who's ecstatic to see the Edgar-Maynard trilogy finally come to an end? It's time for someone new to take a shot at Frankie's belt, and that someone could very well be UFC journeyman Clay Guida.

    "The Carpenter" has tallied four straight victories, three of which came via submission, and he has been tearing through the ranks of the lightweight division.

    There's a long line of talented lightweights waiting for a shot at Edgar, but Guida looks to be one of the top contenders. Now that the Edgar-Maynard series has finally run its course, Guida is one step closer to getting his hands on some hardware.

    He's currently scheduled to fight rising star Ben Henderson on November 12 as part of the UFC on FOX 1 card. Should he come out on top, Dana White will have some great news for him.

    Guida could be a legitimate threat to Edgar's belt, should the two square off. He's a tenacious wrestler and his chin is one of the most solid in all of MMA.

    He was nowhere to be found on the UFC 136 card, but you can tack up a W for Clay Guida.

Winner: Ben Henderson

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    He'll have to take out Guida first, but Ben Henderson is another lightweight on the fast track to a UFC title shot.  

    Frankie Edgar is clearly the most dominant force in the lightweight division, but Henderson may actually fair better against Edgar than he would have against Maynard.

    In fact, should we see a Henderson-Edgar fight in the months to come, Henderson would enjoy a three-inch height advantage, as well as an eight-inch reach advantage. He's one of the biggest and most athletic lightweights in the world and he poses a serious threat to Edgar's reign.

    He didn't fight on Saturday, but Ben Henderson has to be feeling like a winner. 

Winner: Anderson Silva

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    Some MMA followers may consider Anderson Silva a loser after Saturday. After all, he is likely going to have to rematch Chael Sonnen (the man who came the closest to defeating him in the UFC) in the near future.

    I don't see it that way. I'm going out on a limb and calling him a winner.

    Certainly Brian Stann would have made for a more comfortable matchup, but "The Spider" now has a chance to defeat Sonnen for a second time and prove that his victory in their first bout was no fluke.

    Heck, Sonnen told Joe Rogan that if he doesn't beat Silva he'll leave the UFC. If he's a man of his word, Silva has a chance to literally force his bitter rival out of the UFC.

    How's that for some motivation?

Loser: The Florian Reputation

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    Okay...I lied. Kenny Florian was on the fight card Saturday night, and he was defeated by Jose Aldo, but it may have been his reputation, not his chin, that took the biggest hit.

    Florian is more than just your average UFC fighter. He's an MMA trainer, an MMA businessman, an MMA commentator and a true ambassador for the sport. That said, his career inside the octagon can be summed up in one word: Almost.

    Florian's loss to Jose Aldo on Saturday marked the third time that he has been defeated in a title fight, and it has some speculating that he may be on his way toward retirement.

    He has garnered a reputation as a "choke artist" throughout his career and his loss to Aldo did little to disprove that notion. He's a stand-up guy, but his name has become synonymous with losing big-time fights.

    Kenny Florian suffered a loss at UFC 136 and so did the Florian reputation.

Loser: Georges St. Pierre

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    The words "George St. Pierre" and "losing" are polar opposites, but the ingenious publicity stunt that Chael Sonnen pulled when he called out Anderson Silva following his victory over Brian Stann almost certainly derailed any chance of a St. Pierre-Silva superfight occurring in the near future.

    It looks like GSP will just have to continue feasting on mediocre welterweights until the stars align.