Dana White: If the NSAC Licenses Mayweather, They Should License Chael Sonnen

John HeinisSenior Analyst IOctober 10, 2011

After UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen's dominant performance over rising star Brian Stann at UFC 136, we knew it wouldn't be long before Uncle Chael called out his rival, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

However, few folks could have predicted that Sonnen would immediately proclaim that Silva "absolutely sucks" as soon as Joe Rogan stepped into the Octagon to interview him after his fight with Stann.

The only problem with Sonnen's stipulations for the rematch, which would either have Silva leaving the middleweight division or Sonnen leaving the UFC depending who wins, is that the outspoken American gangster from Oregon wants the fight on Super Bowl weekend.

That card is typically held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and those with a good memory will recall that's where Sonnen's issues outside the cage began last year.

The California State Athletic Commission oversaw Chael's first fight with "The Spider" at UFC 117, and they gave Sonnen a one-year suspension beginning in September 2010, eventually dropped down to six months, for having elevated levels of testosterone.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission came into play when they announced they would honor Sonnen's suspension, even though they were not the ones to impose it.

Despite the issues in his past, UFC President Dana White feels that Sonnen has paid his dues and that it's time for the NSAC to get over it.

When speaking to MMA Weekly, White referenced superstar boxer Floyd Mayweather's issues outside the ring when reasoning that Sonnen should no doubt be licensed to fight in Nevada.

"Chael Sonnen has paid his dues (and) has done his thing, has done whatever," White began.

"Floyd Mayweather fights in Nevada.  The guy's been arrested.  He's got 50 lawyers defending him right now and all that crazy stuff and he's fighting in Nevada.  Don't get me going on that one."

White wanted to be 100 percent clear on where he stands with Sonnen getting licensed in the Silver State.

"There's no reason why they shouldn't license Chael.  It shouldn't even cross my mind.  The thought of whether Chael could get licensed in Nevada or California or anywhere else should be the least of my

Before changing the subject, White could not resist taking one last shot at the reigning WBC world welterweight champion.

"The guy did everything he was told to do.  When guys like Floyd are getting licensed in Nevada, why should I have to worry about Chael?

Last year's Super Bowl, UFC 126, card took place on February 5, with the headlining fight featuring none other than Anderson Silva defending his middleweight title against Vitor Belfort.

Sonnen was originally expected to have an immediate rematch with Silva on the card, but his issues with the NCAS prevented that from happening.

As usual, Silva looked impressive and knocked out Belfort in the first round with a front kick.