Big 12 Tragedy...Surprise, Surprise...The BCS Committee Screwed Up Again

Brian SausaCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2008

Anyone that tells you that Oklahoma deserves to be in the Big 12 title game vs. Mizzou over Texas does not know what they are talking about.  Texas is the latest victim of the BCS committee, being stripped of their chance to go to the national championship game. 

As we all know, it has been an extremely interesting season in the Big 12 with the Sooners, Longhorns, and Red Raiders of Texas Tech, who if it wasn't for their loss vs. Oklahoma would be in the big game. 

Each team plead their case as Tech thought they deserved it because they beat Texas, who beat Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma thinks they are rightfully in this position because they beat Tech, who beat Texas. 

Finally, Texas thinks they were stubbed since they beat Oklahoma.  And Texas is right.  Mack Brown's team deserves more than Oklahoma to be in Kansas City this weekend. 

Lobbyists for Oklahoma say that OU deserves to be where they are now based on a few criteria.  That criteria is best road win, out of conference win, and margin of victory, among a few other things.  Those stats do show that the Sooners are much more impressive in those categories.  If we had to pick between the two teams based on that, of course Bob Stoops' club would be on top. 

Too bad it doesn't matter because THEY PLAYED EACH OTHER!! And we all know what happened...Texas won the game.  45-35 Longhorns. 

That means that it should be Texas at Arrowhead Stadium next week playing for a spot in the BCS National Championship at the Orange Bowl.  You can't use all the outside stats when the two teams met.  This, going along with the fact that the Big 12 is letting the idiots on the BCS committee decide their final game, is where we end up. 

A team most deserving getting snubbed without a legitimate reason.  Don't expect a good explanation either because there isn't one and there's no good reason for this.  It makes someone who loves watching college football for three months sick to see an injustice like this. In addition, trying to justify Oklahoma deserving to be where they are is just as bad as what happened to Texas. 

The bottom line is this:  Texas BEAT Oklahoma.  Oklahoma is a great team.  But when they met at the Cotton Bowl this year.

To make matters worse, and an even more unjustifiable thing happened this week. Texas was in front of Oklahoma in the rankings.  So after OU wins by 20 at Oklahoma State, and Texas wins 49-9 at Texas A&M, Oklahoma jumps them.  They were flip-flopped at No. 2 and No. 3 for absolutely no reason. 

This is what the morons at the BCS think:  Well OU won by 20 vs. a good Ok. St. team. (true) Texas won by 40 vs. a bad A&M team. (also true)  Since point differential and opponent is taken into consideration, that means they think that A&M has to be less than half as good as Oklahoma State since Texas won by double the margin, therefore Oklahoma gets to move up in the rankings.

How ridiculous and stupid is what I just said?  Very dumb, but do not put it past the BCS idiots because that is the only thing I can think of that would make them flip-flop the Longhorns and Sooners.

The way this came out is a travesty and the BCS should be ashamed of itself.  Texas deserves to be in that game.  Go Mizzou because OU doesn't deserve it.


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