WWE News: John Morrison's Contract Set to "Expire" Soon

T. SchaeferAnalyst IIIOctober 9, 2011

Alexander Vaughn / wikipedia
Alexander Vaughn / wikipedia

Zack Ryder's father must be having severe anxiety problems as of late. One of the hardest "MoFos" on the planet, he has stood up to men like "Big O" and even the Long Island Iced Z himself. Unabashedly prancing around in public with a fur coat and sunglasses while arm-in-arm with cardboard cut outs of Melina, Mr. Ryder is certainly one the biggest Morrison fans on the planet.

As these things go, however, our heroes prove ultimately fallible. Over the past few months, there has been rampant speculation of dealing with John Morrison's status within the company.

Wrestling Observer reports, via WrestleZone, that Morrison's contract is set to expire within the next few months. Remember also that a few months ago, there was reportedly some debate within the WWE whether or not they wanted to re-sign the former ECW champion. As with all rumors, take this with a grain of salt. However, based on simple history, this one may have legs.

Recall during the rampant speculation of CM Punk's contract situation and his near stonewalling of any attempt to re-sign his contract, Punk was experiencing something of a de-push, to the point where he was escorting talent like Mason Ryan to the ring, and not getting much (if any) way of any wins in the ring or time on the microphone. After the contract situation was resolved, we saw what happened.

Morrison came back after a neck injury that shelved him for about a month. He resumed his feud with R-Truth and promptly began a losing streak, ultimately losing the feud to Truth. More or less listless on Raw, along came rumors of backstage heat due to his relationship with the recently released Melina and her attempt to "visit/crash" Raw after her release.

More or less, he began a slippery slope from which few WWE talents recover. 

Morrison possesses a unique style in the ring, though his ability to cut a promo has always been in question. Morrison is in his prime and approaching a point where he should begin to peak in his career, but when was his last pinfall victory? August 15th against R-Truth. Note that that's around the time when the rumors began to pick up in earnest.

If he were to renew his contract, I'm ultimately sure he would receive a solid feud and push, but this is par for the course. Who he would feud with, however, would be subject to question.  Certainly most of the main heel talent on Raw is committed in one form or another, with Swagger seemingly the only option. Ziggler seems to be gearing for a feud with Ryder, Awesome Truth is committed to the "Conspiracy Angle," and Del Rio is aligning for a push angle with Punk. 

A heel turn is a possibility, but the midcard talent heels seem overloaded.

Whatever happens, I hope Mr. Ryder doesn't lose too much sleep.

Edit: It was noted below that Morrison has a new shirt available on wweshop.com.  It should be noted that usually the WWE doesn't invest time and cash into a new shirt design for their talent if the intent was to release them.  However, they have done stranger things before.