Danny Briere Out 4-5 Weeks, Money Added to Cap, More Notes

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst IDecember 3, 2008

I don't see this as much as a problem that some might think. Yes he is one of the Flyers' top forwards, and yes he is being paid a lot of money. But, if you look at the Flyers' records with and without Briere they are astounding. The Flyers at this point do not need him right now, it's sad to say.

In the games the Flyers have played without Briere, even including last night because he didn't finish the game, the Flyers are 10-3-2. The Flyers with Briere are 2-4-3, that stat says it all.

Briere suffered a groin injury in his second game after returning from abdominal surgery and has been basically out ever since then.

By losing Briere and putting him on the long-term injured list, this opens cap space for the Flyers to add Randy Jones to the lineup around mid-December, when he is recovered from hip surgery.

"It's hard to find a positive when you lose one of your top players who would probably be your top scorer if he was playing, that's really hard to swallow," Holmgren said. "But it is what is is. But yes, when Randy comes back we have some flexibility that we didn't have before."

This is somewhat good news knowing that the Flyers won't have to make a move for the time being.

"The groin area has more than one muscle, so it's probably related to the last groin injury, but this is a different muscle involved now than it was earlier," Holmgren added. "The injury is significant, so he's going to be on the shelf for a little while."

Holmgren said Briere will start rehabbing the groin tomorrow. "But the explosiveness involved in skating, especially for a quick guy like Danny, is so key, so it's important that he rest it, too, by staying off the ice right now," the Flyers GM said.

Coach John Stevens commented on the situation. "Danny rushed back? I don't think so," Stevens said after practice today in Voorhees, before Danny's diagnosis was made. "I mean, we try to take due diligence. We kept him out longer than he probably wanted to be out. He was going to try to play last weekend, and we pushed him in practice and felt like he was ready to go."