Two Recently Released WWE Superstars Speak Out

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIDecember 3, 2008

I found some weird things on the Internet today about Armando Estrada and Lena Yada. Both Diva and superstar were released by the WWE recently. And it seems as if both rumors and controversy surrounded one of the released and didn't afffect the other.

Lena Yada actually spoke out about her release recently during her birthday party with WWE Diva Brie Bella at the Ecco Ultra Lounge in Hollywood on Nov. 20.

She spoke out about rumors claiming she was released because she looks too much like recently signed Diva Gail Kim and said there is no truth to that belief. She added that she was cut due to budgetary reasons and due to an injury she received during training.

And it is very easy to believe her, too. I mean, the WWE has been releasing many superstars for the exact reasons. And I told you before that many releases were to come and it may even continue until the first of the year.

They are not just cutting superstars, but also producers and unneeded people to get about $20 million in budget room. I can see more releases for backstage people such as writers or others coming more.

I don't see many more superstar releases currently happening. And there is no word of them either, so just a guess, but none seem to be happening considering they are almost at their goal of $20 million.

Armando Estrada recently put a post out on his Myspace page telling people about his release and wanted to tell his fans about what he will be up to here is the statement:

"Esperate, Esperate, Esperate, Everybody Listen to Me! First and foremost greetings to all my fans, friends, and loyal supporters. It's been a while since you've last heard from Armando Estrada, and you may be wondering what is going on?

On Nov. 18, 2008 after sitting down with my boss, Johnny Ace, we came to a mutual decision to part ways. This was something we both agreed was in my best interest. By far this was one of the toughest decisions I've ever faced.

World Wrestling Entertainment is the one and only company I have ever wanted to work for growing up. I have a great appreciation for them allowing me to live out my dream. None the less I enjoyed my time with the WWE, and have a sincere appreciation and great amount of gratitude toward them.

Also I would like to take the opportunity to thank the following for all their support: my family, the WWE fan base, referees, trainers, agents, OVW, and especially the boys. There is no doubt in my mind we will one day cross paths again.

And to everyone out there no need to be alarmed, Ha-Ha. Armando has not disappeared back to Cuba and will continue to entertain world wide only as he can. Keep a lookout for what's new in Armando's world on

Just remember Armando Estrada is a Tiger with plenty of bones in the cave!!!"

He is even putting out his e-mail address for booking already, wow does he bounce back fast. here is where you can reach him 

Team Estrada at:

You mainly remember Estrada in the WWE as ECW GM and Umaga's manager. He wrestled for just a small time and was never really an on-hands person the writers could use.

He started wrestling in ECW for his contract his last few months in the WWE. Ironically, he made Colin Delaney do the same, which was the reason for the storyline. Delaney turned heel and the response was terrible for it, so he was released.

The WWE kept Estrada of course because they figured he would be good to use. And as mentioned he just never could be used well, so there came the release. I was not a fan of him but I did think he was a pretty good heel.

What do you think about these statements by a former WWE diva and superstar?