Nick Diaz's No Show and the 20 Dumbest Career Moves In MMA History

Robert GardnerSenior Analyst IOctober 10, 2011

Nick Diaz's No Show and the 20 Dumbest Career Moves In MMA History

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    We've all done it, said the wrong thing at the wrong time, made an ill-advised decision or just flat did something we knew would get us into trouble but we all have the luxury of doing things without the scrutiny of the public eye.

    MMA fighters and all professional athletes for that matter are just like us; they are human and they make mistakes.

    No one out there expects perfection from these guys but that does not excuse these all time bone head career moves.


20. Anyone Who Stands with Anderson Silva

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    Anderson "The Spider" Silva is easily the most dangerous striker in MMA today and perhaps even the greatest striker in the history of the sport so why in the hell would anyone choose to stand and trade with him.

    Silva has a unique blend of speed, power and precision that is just deadly.

    Anyone who stands with Silva is making a huge mistake and they deserve what they get.

19. Jorge Gurgel Chooses Not to Grapple

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    Jorge Gurgel is a second degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu yet he continually chooses to stand and bang with everyone that he fights.

    It's not that Gurgel is a bad striker it just that it makes no sense whatsoever to not utilize your greatest strength.

    You have to love the guy for wanting to put on exciting fights for the fans but his stubbornness has undoubtedly held him back from reaching his full potential. 

18. Tim Sylvia Fights Ray Mercer

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    You almost want to feel bad for Tim Sylvia because there was a time when he was a respected heavyweight in the world of MMA but he fought in the UFC during a time when the heavyweight division was a bit of a joke and he has never received the respect a former UFC champion deserves.

    Then again he is big, sloppy and unlikable so who cares.

    Just watch the clip and you will see why taking this fight was a terrible career move for Big Timmy.

17. Heath Herring vs. Yoshihiro Nakao

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    There really isn't much to say here, the video pretty much speaks for itself.

    The only question I really have is who was this moment worse for, Herring for taking a cheap shot or Nakao for thinking it was a good idea to kiss a big Texan on the lips?

16. Babalu Sobral Chokes David Heath Unconscious

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    At UFC 74 Renato "Babalu" Sobral didn't just make a bonehead move he blatantly showed disregard for the safety of his opponent David Heath when he refused to release an anaconda choke until Heath passed out.

    It would have been one thing if Sobral didn't know Heath tapped or if the ref was late breaking the two apart but Sobral completely ignored both and put another fighter's life in danger.

    It was a dark moment for the sport and Sobral got what he deserved when he got booted from the UFC for his actions. 

15. Gilbert Yvel

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    Gilbert Yvel is just a scary dude and it not just because of all the tattoos or his vicious power, Yvel is scary because you never know what he is going to do.

    Yvel has been disqualified on three separate occasions. His first DQ came when went all Mike Tyson on a guy and bit him during a fight. DQ number two was the result of gouging Don Frye's eyes. Last but not least Yvel was disqualified for punching the referee and then kicking him while he was on the ground. 

14. Fedor Emelianenko vs Dan Henderson

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    While it is pretty easy to understand the thinking behind the Fedor Emelianenko vs Dan Henderson fight from a promotional stand point it's difficult to see how this was going to be a good move for Emelianenko at all. He had nothing to gain whatsoever by fighting Henderson.

    A win really would not have meant much considering Henderson has spent most of his career fighting between middleweight and light heavyweight while Emelianenko has always competed at heavyweight but a loss would further tarnish his legacy.

    Emelianenko was in a classic lose-lose situation and boy did he lose getting knocked out in the first round.

13. Karo Parisyan Pulls out of UFC 106

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    It's not uncommon to see a fighter pull out of a fight, in fact it has become pretty common. Fighters often suffer injuries during training on it is the smart thing to do.

    Karo Parisyan on the other hand pulled out of his UFC 106 fight with Dustin Hazelett the day before weigh ins. Not only is that disrespectful to your opponent but it was a huge slap in the face to the UFC.

    Parisyan was subsequently cut from the UFC.

12. Jesse Taylor Loses His Mind Following TUF

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    Jesse Taylor was a cast member on the seventh season of the UFC's hit reality series The Ultimate Fighter where he won all four of his fights making it to the finals...well that was until he went on a drunken rampage in Las Vegas following the filming.

    Taylor was removed from the finale and missed out on the biggest opportunity of his career.

11. Nate Marquardt Fails to Get Medically Cleared

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    On the day of the weigh ins for his UFC on Versus 4 showdown with Rick Story, Nate Marquardt was forced to pull out of the fight because his testosterone levels were outside of the normal range and he was cut by the UFC.

    Marquardt had been undergoing testosterone replacement therapy so while his doctors can be partly to blame ultimately the responsibility lies with him. 

10. Kalib Starnes Runs Away from Nate Quarry

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    It's one thing to be defensive and evade the attacks of your opponent but it is another to simply turn tail and run and that is exactly what Kalib Starnes did when he fought Nate Quarry at UFC 83.

    Starnes embarrassed himself that night and Dana White was completely justified in his decision to cut Starnes. 

9. Fedor Emelianenko Goes to the Ground with Fabricio Werdum

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    Fedor Emelianenko faced off against Fabricio Werdum in his second fight with Strikeforce.

    What took place that night was almost surreal. Emelianenko dropped Werdum early in the fight then stupidly followed the submission specialist to the ground where he was caught in a beautifully executed triangle armbar.

    Going to the ground with Werdum was easily the dumbest thing Emelianenko could have done in that fight and he paid for it. 

8. Joe Riggs Misses Weight at UFC 56

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    It's pretty much inexcusable to miss weight but to do it when there is a title up for grabs is just a waste.

    Joe Riggs was given the opportunity of a life time when he was asked to take a title fight against then champion Matt Hughes on a months notice only to come in too heavy.

    I'll cut him a little slack since he did take the fight on short notice but that is no excuse.

7. Travis Lutter Misses Weight at UFC 67

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    Travis Lutter won season four of The Ultimate Fighter earning him a shot at UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva but Lutter failed to make weight at UFC 67.

    It was somewhat understandable for Joe Riggs to miss weight after taking the fight on a months notice but Lutter had nearly three months to prepare and he could not do it.

6. James Toney Tries His Hand at MMA

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    James Toney is easily one of the greatest boxers of his generation but when he decided to make the jump to MMA to was a terrible idea.

    At UFC 118 Toney made his MMA debut against UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture. Couture easily took Toney to the mat and submitted him in the first round.

    I respect Toney for stepping into the cage but there was no reason for him to be there against Couture in the first place.

    Now there are rumors floating around that Toney will be facing Ken Shamrock in a modified rules match, lets just hope this thing falls through because no one should be subjected to watching two over the hill fighters embarrass themselves.

5. Josh Barnett and Steroids

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    Josh Barnett is a tremendous fighter but he is also a huge liability because of his history with steroids. Barnett has tested positive on not once but twice.

    The first time followed his UFC 36 win over Randy Couture for the UFC heavyweight championship resulting in Barnett being stripped of the title.

    The second brought down the entire Affliction promotion.

4. Rashad Evans Talks Trash and Gets KTFO

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    Talking trash is a part of the fight game, it helps to add a story and excitement to matchups.

    Rashad Evans is great when it comes to trash talking but when he did it in the middle of his fight with Lyoto Machida he paid for it. Machida caught Evans flush knocking him out in spectacular fashion.

    Evans showed the world why it just better to keep your mouth shut and focus on the task at hand.

3. Fedor Emelianenko Never Signing with the UFC

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    There are too many reasons to list as to why Fedor Emelianenko never signed with the UFC. Both sides are to blame but it is easily one of the biggest missed opportunities in MMA history.

    Not only would Emelianenko been giving the opportunity to cement his legacy in the world's biggest promotion but he would have made a great deal of money.

    Emelianenko is not someone who is driven by fame or fortune but you always have to question someone when they leave money on the table.

2. Paul Daley Sucker Punches Josh Koscheck

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    Paul Daley met Josh Koscheck at UFC 113 in a welterweight title eliminator bout. Koscheck did exactly what everyone expected him to do, he took Daley down and ground out a unanimous decision victory.

    Following the final bell Daley sucker punched Koscheck resulting in his expulsion from the UFC.

    No matter what happened in that fight Daley's actions were out of line and inexcusable. Daley deserves his exile.

1. Nick Diaz Costs Himself a Title Shot

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    Topping our list is none other than Nick Diaz. What can you say about the guys other than, "Wow...really man."

    Diaz is far from being the smartest man in MMA but no one thought he was dumb enough to sabotage his shot at UFC welterweight champion Georges. St. Pierre by missing a press event to promote the fight.

    Diaz is not set to face former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion BJ Penn at UFC 137 instead.

    It just doesn't get dumber than that.