Put The Keyboard Down! Why Sean Avery's Comments Aren't All Wrong

Ken ArmerSenior Writer IDecember 3, 2008

Let me first say a small congratulations to my fellow Bleacher Creatures, you truly do read everything you believe, and expect your readers to do the same for you. Bleacher Report truly has arrived in a new spectrum of media and I clearly am of the "old school".

As the NHL section's Community Coordinator, it is my job to know the popular topics and know what the writers of one of the larger sections of Bleacher Report are saying, but thanks to many people's copy-and-paste type methods I am sick to my stomach of Sean Avery.

Bleacher Report in general is ready to toss Sean Avery to the dogs.


Because the rest of the media is.

As Bleacher writers, we are supposed to be different. We are supposed to set new trends and not follow the ways of other news sources. That is what those like Zander, and the other founders, started Bleacher Report to be, a different voice among legitimate sports news sources.

It is fine to agree with the Avery suspension, but as a senior member I ask those writers who care to not just copy opinions of professional writers. Lend your own opinion! Be different! Don't allow writers with no creativity, who choose copy and paste methods, to steal the reads you deserve!

My own opinion on the topic is simple, but after reading so much garbage on Bleacher Report and Internet-wide, I will choose to keep it brief and not copy and paste even a quote.

We all know the subject, and the details...

Sean Avery should be suspended for what he said. The NHL is a business and has an image to uphold, but at the same time the NHL must understand that when players' personal lives entangle like it has due to the dating activities of Elisha Cuthbert, tempers will flare.

I will be blunt. She is nothing more than a puck bunny and Avery's poor choice is more about showing that, and not getting himself limelight. Finally, the world knows the full truth of his opinions on her and I agree with him!

Sure, he may have a target on his back the next time the Flames and Stars meet, but I'd say after last night's game the Flames should worry about the win, and not revenge.

This entire story is some celebrity gossip even my girlfriend would find juicy.

Heck, as I giggled at the comment he made I explained to Alyssa, my girlfriend, what had happened. She joined in on the laughing and said something to the effect of "God, I love Sean Avery!"

Fans need pro athletes we know are "real" and not some scripted fake remark to appease the league, lawyers, and fence-sitting fans. The kind of player who will allow their personal life to get to them, and make fly-off-the-handle comments, like Avery.

Here's hoping Avery doesn't apologize. As my father use to say..."He hit the nail on the head!"

Secondly, here's hoping Bleacher Report as a whole will get away from spreading the same old tired news, and do something different.

If nothing else, I hope this Sean Avery fiasco will be a call to arms to those writers who truly have enough grasp on the creative to step forward and not allow writers who merely copy the news to gain reads for themselves.

I would have loved to cover this topic more in depth, since I am an NHL and Dallas Stars Community Leader, but since many are growing tired of reading it I will instead express my opinion on the state of Bleacher Report.

Take this as a challenge Bleacher Report. Step up to the plate!


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