WWE: 10 Ways Ezekiel Jackson's Career Would Flourish on Monday Night RAW

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 11, 2011

WWE: 10 Ways Ezekiel Jackson's Career Would Flourish on Monday Night RAW

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    Just when it looked like Ezekiel Jackson was receiving a big push, he lost the Intercontinental Championship to Cody Rhodes and slipped out of the limelight. 

    The last ECW Champion has since been relegated to getting lost in the shuffle with the short-lived Corre and squash matches on SmackDown. 

    Jackson has the build and look that WWE loves. He also—like many of the young superstars on both rosters—has tons of potential.

    With the right moves, Jackson could transfer to Raw and have a tremendous run. He cannot remain the directionless powerhouse that he is, but needs to evolve and let WWE maximize his talents. 

Heel Turn

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    Jackson is too monstrous and physically intimidating to be a convincing face. 

    A run as a rule-breaking, vicious bad guy might suit him better. Today’s wrestling world is far less bad guy vs. good guy oriented, but if done right, Jackson could serve as a throwback. 

    SmackDown already has an alpha heel in Mark Henry, and Kane should be returning before long as well.  Although the lines between Raw and SmackDown are blurring, I think Jackson would be better suited to grow into a heel on Monday nights.

Mercenary Gimmick

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    The monster heel is overdone. Supposing Jackson makes the turn to the dark side, it should be done with another angle.

    One possibility is having him take on a mercenary gimmick. Superstars, guys in suits, anybody with a problem with someone else would hire Ezekiel Jackson to take them out.

    Backstage, Jackson could be talking with an unseen employer and be handed a manila envelope. He opens the envelope and slides out a photo of his target. 

    When he destroys someone in the ring (or out of it) he might say something like, "It’s just business."

    A lot of story lines could sprout from this gimmick, including double crosses and having him get involved in other people's feuds. 

New Finisher

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    Currently, Ezekiel Jackson's finishers are a torture rack and a version of the overdone Rock Bottom.  

    It wouldn't be necessary for him to just stop using these. People are expecting them, but adding another definitive move could help heighten the excitement of his matches.

    He already has a submission and a slam finisher, so I'd suggest a high-impact strike move in the vein of the spear. Not that he should directly steal from Marcos Cor Von, but perhaps he could begin using a move similar to the pounce.

Hire Paul Heyman as Manager

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    Supposing Paul Heyman could put aside his differences with Vince McMahon, having him return to manage Ezekiel Jackson could be big for both Jackson and the WWE.

    One of Jackson's weaknesses is his blasé promos. Instead of burying him because of his lack of mic skills, WWE could have Heyman speak for him, reminiscent of what he did with Brock Lesnar

    Heyman could collect contracts for Jackson and show him his victims' photos every week. 

    Paul Heyman was one of the best managers in the business and is missed in today’s manager-lacking WWE.  Jackson's career could certainly benefit from Heyman's touch.

New Nickname

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    A good majority of fans probably don't even know Ezekiel Jackson's nicknames.

    The Personification of Domination is too much of a mouthful. Announcers can't easily throw this into a match. Besides, it's too abstract.

    The Prophet of Doom sounds cooler, but, unless he pushes a prophet gimmick, it doesn't have much weight. It's still a bit long anyway.

    The Dead Man, Stone Cold, the Great One, the Game are examples of punchy nicknames that helped push wrestlers’ careers to new levels.

    Would Austin and Taker have had the same success as the Ringmaster and "Mean" Mark Callous?

More Heel Tactics

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    Not only would incorporating underhanded heel tactics further his persona, it would add to his somewhat limited move repertoire. 

    Jackson's matches are always a slam-heavy affair. 

    He's not going to be adding Lucha Libre moves or matching Daniel Bryan in kicks, but he could easily start delivering low blows, poking people in the eye and choking opponents when the ref's back is turned.

    Seeing how his character is not interested in the integrity of the sport, but solely the money he’s being paid to destroy someone, he would have no problem using foreign objects in front of a legion of booing fans. 

Contract on Santino Marella

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    One way to draw some heat on Ezekiel Jackson would be to have him maul Santino.

    The beloved silly man is getting an increasingly bigger pop in arenas around the country. Seeing Jackson handcuff him to the ropes and beat him senselessly would cement Jackson’s heel status.

    If it weren't for WWE's insistence on a PG-rated product, I'd suggest having Santino busted open, handcuffed, and unconscious while the camera cuts to crying kids.

    Jackson's contracts should start out with men residing very low on the card and slowly climb up. He'd start with someone like Curt Hawkins, do a number on Santino and then graduate to big-game prey. 

Post Knockout Calling Card

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    In the tradition of Ted DiBiase, Sr. and Brutus Beefcake, Jackson could embarrass his squash opponents with some sort of calling card once they're down for the count.

    The Million Dollar Man shoved money into his opponents' mouths. Brutus Beefcake cut jobbers' hair once they were knocked out. 

    Seeing as how it's no longer 1988, Jackson's version of this has to be far less corny and more fitting for today's wrestling world. If it could be done without seeming like a NWO rip-off, Jackson could spray paint some marking on his victims. 

    This would further the proposed mercenary angle and help him stand out.   

Feud with John Cena

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    We do not need to see John Cena vying for the title again. Even though his goofy routine is often nauseating, I don't think he should be kept off of television either.

    Having him feud with Ezekiel Jackson would help elevate Jackson's status and remain the hero. A possibility could involve Jackson carrying out a contract on someone like Zack Ryder, and when the action turns vicious, Cena comes to save the day.

    Jackson is incensed that Cena is disrupting his business. Cena refuses to let Jackson bully the Raw roster.

    Their matches would be power vs. power, high-impact vs. high-impact. There’s no chance that their encounters would mirror Benoit vs. Angle, but they could be entertaining and dramatic. 

Iron Man Tables Match

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    His feud with Cena has to wrap up before they start building up to Rock vs. Cena at WrestleMania. It could end with an Iron Man Tables Match.

    A traditional Tables Match can be rather disappointing. When Sheamus beat Cena for the WWE Championship in a Tables Match in 2009, the crowd looked around at each other confused.

    It's over, right?

    In the Iron Man version, the wrestlers must put each other through as many tables as possible before the time limit expires. The first benefit of this match is the violent joy of seeing table smash after table smash.

    Secondly, it can provide build up to the match’s conclusion. 

    Cena could be three falls ahead late in the match, looking like he'll surely win, when Jackson piles three tables onto each other and sends Cena through all of them at once. 

    A draw allows Cena to remain unscathed and ushers Jackson into stardom.