UFC 136 Results: How Long Will Jose Aldo Keep the Featherweight Belt?

Sal DeRoseCorrespondent IOctober 9, 2011

For the third time in four fights, Jose Aldo defended his featherweight belt with a unanimous decision victory at UFC 136.

A very game and well-prepared Kenny Florian was able to give the champ all he can handle for five rounds. Unfortunately for KenFlo, things didn't fully go the way he had planned.

Now after KenFlo there are still more challengers left for Aldo. Chad Mendes, Hatsu Hioki and possibly soon enough Tyson Griffin could jump into that area.

However, after two straight lackluster, anti-Aldo fights, can Aldo keep going?

The answer is a resounding yes. Aldo has some great striking and if he can improve his takedown defense, he can defend his belt for a couple more years.

Mendes is a strong wrestler, and after seeing KenFlo take Aldo down last night, I think that shows Aldo he has to work on his takedown defense for Mendes.

Mendes is a collegiate wrestler and part of Team Alpha Male. Mendes will take Aldo down and hold him there if the takedown defense does not improve.

Then you can throw the one big monkey wrench into this. Frankie Edgar could screw all of this up. A dominant boxing lightweight with a wrestling pedigree to be feared. If he can become champion at lightweight and beat B.J. Penn of all people not even just once, but twice, he is the kryptonite to Aldo's Superman.

It depends on what Edgar does. If he feels content to sit at lightweight, it buys Aldo time, but if he decides to go down, it could be exactly the perfect fighter to beat Aldo. Somebody who can stand and trade with Aldo, but can also take the fight to the ground if need be.


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