Ohio State Looking To Go 1-9 Regardless Of Which Bowl Game It Plays In...

HD Handshoe - BlockONation.com@BlockONationAnalyst IDecember 3, 2008

Most college football fans probably have heard by now—Ohio State has played against an SEC team in a post season bowl game nine times since 1977—and they have lost ALL nine of those games.

If not, you're very likely in the minority.

Ever since the 2006 BCS National Championship Game against Florida, where No. 1 and unbeaten Ohio State was totally obliterated 41-14 (and I'm not sure it was really even that close), the Buckeyes have consistently been bashed by the media and ridiculed on every message board across the web for not being a "big-game" team, and for not beating a team from the SEC.

As we all know, those woes continued in 2007 when, as fate would dictate, Ohio State once again slid into the top slot of the BCS rankings after unexpected losses by Missouri and West Virginia. The Buckeyes went on to play SEC Champ LSU in New Orleans in the BCS NCG, and once again, came up short.

Here are the other seven bowl-game losses to the SEC in Buckeye history:

1977-1978 Sugar Bowl to Alabama 35-6

1989-1990 Hall of Fame Bowl to Auburn 31-14

1992-1993 Citrus Bowl to Georgia 21-14

1994-1995 Citrus Bowl to Alabama 24-17

1995-1996 Citrus Bowl to Tennessee 20-14

2000-2001 Outback Bowl to South Carolina 24-7

2001-2002 Outback Bowl to South Carolina 31-28

Four of the games were close and five were not. The Buckeyes have beaten SEC teams during the regular season. Their record is actually quite good at 7-1-1. So it's hard to figure out exactly why Ohio State has not beaten an SEC team in a bowl game.

Ohio State has had success vs. arch-rival Michigan in the modern era of college football (1950-present) and Michigan sports an all-time record of 21-5-1 vs. SEC teams while Ohio State is just 7-10-1.

That brings us to 2008.

As of right now, it's clear Ohio State will either edge out Boise State for the final at-large BCS selection or most likely be invited to the Capital One Bowl if not.

I frequent many of the Ohio State forums, and I question the meddle of many Buckeye fans as I read comments praying the Bucks don't have to play Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, or Florida because they'll get absolutely massacred.

I'm sorry, but win or lose, I want my team to play the best teams across the country, and hopefully do well. That being said, every game has a loser. Every team in the NCAA has suffered blowout losses. It's part of the game, and it happens often.

Ask Texas Tech about losing 65-21 two weeks ago to Oklahoma.

Ask Oklahoma about losing in the BCS NCG 55-19 to USC a few years back.

Did they crawl in a hole and give up and die?

Did their fans pray they could go to an "easy" bowl game so they could have a chance at winning?

NO and NO!

SO it's time for the Buckeyes and their fans to "man-up!"

As of now, the most likely projected scenarios for the Buckeyes include facing either the Florida/Alabama loser in a BCS game, or Georgia/Ole Miss in the Capital One Bowl.

No matter who they play, I'll watch and cheer them on, and I urge all other Buckeye fans to do the same. A true Buckeye fan knows this team needs to play and beat a quality SEC team in a bowl game this year, PERIOD.

To any SEC fans reading this, nothing lasts forever, including 0-for-forever losing streaks, so enjoy it for now. Also, the SEC isn't a team so get off the conference bandwagon and pick a side already.

The thought of rooting for Michigan, solely because it's in the Big Ten, makes me vomit in my mouth.

In closing, I know a 1-9 record isn't great, and SEC fans will still say things like "only eight more to go," or they'll say the SEC team we beat wasn't any good, etc...but it's a start, and it sure sounds a whole let better to me than 0-10, so I'll take it!

Thanks for reading!

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