Forget The Movies, Take Me To a Football Game!

Laurie RillCorrespondent IDecember 3, 2008

Contrary to popular belief, not all women hate football.

Most women who are fans were brought into the football world by fathers & brothers. Like me for instance. In this case, she'll be happy to find a guy that shares common interests with her and her family. Which automatically builds up your chances of scoring a second date.

You can usually figure this out yourself by how she holds a conversation, the reason some women aren't interested in football is because they simply weren't introduced to it. I personally know this is what most girls tell me.

On the other hand, you have the girls who just don't care about it, while you're blabbing on about touchdowns and first downs, she's thinking about the need to get her nails painted and her hair highlighted and "oh, doesn't Paris Hilton's my new bff come on tonight?" If this is the case, take her to a mall.

If you're lucky enough to hit the jackpot with a female who enjoys sports, well then this is for you.

Women of high quality get asked out so often and go on so many first dates, soon they all start to fade together. It's always the same dinner, movie, & drinks. That's why the idea of going on a first date to the big game will really appeal to most women, because it's something most men don't even think about since they assume a girl couldn't possibly enjoy herself on a first date at a football game.

There's a number of good reasons to take her to the big game.

First, football is a fall/winter sport, meaning the weather is beginning to get chilly outside. It's perfect weather for snuggling up with someone underneath a thick Baltimore Ravens stadium blanket (yes, i had to sneak my Ravens in there somewhere)!

Second, people get very involved in the game.

"Why did he make that call?"

"It's about time they took Willis Mcgahee out."

"Do you think he can make that field goal?"

The conversation topics are endless, so you never have to have one of those "awkward silence" moments.

The last reason a football game is such a good place for a date is because being a football fan is a lot like being in a relationship. There are ups and downs, good times and bad, and times you wish you could just bail out, but in the end, you love that team (or person) and you just can't leave them (unless maybe you're a Lions fan).

So take her out to the game. Baseball and football games are great opportunities to let her see the true, cute side of you. When you jump up, yell, and scream for your home team, she'll witness your passion for the game. With fervor like that, she'll wonder what you're like in um, "other" areas of passion in your life, but remember, try to keep the cursing down to a minimum, or it's one, two, three strikes you're out…