UFC 136 Results: Will Chael Sonnen Be Able to Cash the Checks His Mouth Wrote?

Andrew BarrCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2011

At UFC 135, Chael Sonnen put one of the most impressive performances of his entire career, submitting Brian Stann in the second round with an arm-triangle choke.

This was Sonnen's first fight in the UFC in more than a year, and he made a big statement in defeating Stann.

However, as big a statement as Sonnen made with his physical performance, his verbal performance made an even bigger one.

After the fight, Sonnen's first (televised) words to Joe Rogan were, "Anderson Silva, you absolutely suck."

He followed that up by challenging the UFC's current middleweight champion to a fight on Super Bowl weekend.

He followed THAT up by saying that if Silva beats him he will leave the UFC forever, but if he beats Silva, he expects Silva to leave the middleweight division forever.

These antics are a surprise to no one, as Sonnen is known for his trash talk more than anything else—which is crazy, given what an amazing fighter he is.

But can Chael cash the checks he's writing with his mouth?

Probably not.

Does Sonnen have a chance of defeating Silva in a rematch?


But as far as all this "I win and you do this, you win and I do this" stuff goes, it won't happen.

This isn't the WWE, and crazy stipulations like that just don't happen in MMA—UFC President Dana White would never allow it to happen.

Sonnen is a huge asset to the UFC, and White would not want to let him go, even if he loses to Anderson again.

Also, if Sonnen did win, White would want likely want to set up a trilogy fight at some point, which would be possibly the most marketable fight in UFC history.

Expect Sonnen and Silva to fight again, but don't expect it to happen with the stipulations that Sonnen proposed this evening.

It's not even a matter of Sonnen keeping his word; it's that the higher-ups and the money men would never allow something like that to happen.

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