UFC 136 Results: Is Leonard Garcia the Most Exciting Fighter in MMA?

Mitchell CiccarelliAnalyst IOctober 8, 2011

He isn’t what you would consider a technician or an intelligent fighter, but if there is one thing that is absolutely certain about Leonard Garcia it is that he is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most exciting brawlers to ever set foot in the UFC’s Octagon.

A product of Greg Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts, Garcia does not follow suit with strategy and game plans like his New Mexico teammates. There is nothing strategic about the way Garcia fights because from the moment the bell rings all the way to the end, Garcia wings bombs at his opponents like a caffeine-induced monkey.

Garcia is not a title contender, not even close, but it doesn’t matter. He has more heart than anyone on the UFC roster out of any weight class and always puts on a blockbuster performance for the fans.

Fresh off a unanimous decision loss to Nam Phan at UFC 136 in a three-round war, the question once again arises: Is Leonard Garcia the most exciting fighter in MMA?

On the surface it may seem like an obvious question but if you truly think about the amount of exciting fighters that MMA has to offer, this topic requires some thinking.

It also depends on the individual answering this particular question because everyone has different tastes and opinions. Some may salivate at the thought of Garcia slugging and bugging in all-out standup battles but others might prefer a more technical approach.

When you talk about an exciting MMA fighter, you should also consider the well rounded game of the athlete in question. Garcia might be the most exciting brawler in the game today but it’s difficult to consider him the most exciting MMA fighter when his techniques are very wild and one-dimensional.

Competitors that are more exciting MMA fighters than Garcia

It’s impossible to not respect Garcia for his relentless aggression and massive heart but when looking for an exciting all-around fighter there are several individuals that surpass Garcia.

Look at Ben Henderson for example, a former WEC lightweight champion and top contender at 155-lbs. Henderson is an athlete that is thrilling at all facets of MMA. He performs at a very fast pace in the striking department, is an incredibly explosive wrestler, tremendously athletic and aggressive on the ground.

Garcia’s UFC 136 opponent, Phan, could also be considered a more exciting MMA fighter. Phan is equally fun to watch standing and trading but he also utilizes excellent technique and beautiful body shots.

Nick Diaz is another fighter that has to be considered as one of MMA’s most exciting fighters. Diaz slugs it out but does so with superb technique and is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt with a deadly submission arsenal.

There’s no question that Garcia is fun to watch but you can’t call him MMA’s most exciting fighter compared to other athletes with more dimensions in their game.

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