The Forgotten Heroes of World Football

illya mclellanSenior Analyst IDecember 2, 2008

In this glitzy new world of footballing superstars and their million dollar paydays it is right that we should pay homage to the other heroes of world football, who aren't earning millions, who don't have much else but a love of the game and the will to try and assist it.

The old coach who took you as a youngster, the guy who used to put the nets up, the tea lady.

All the people who were there, week in and week out, just because they wanted to help and because they invariably had a great love of the game.

It is easy to forget all those who keep the game going worldwide, offering a little hope as a huge collective who range across the earth, who enjoy relaxing their minds for a while with the game of football.

Whether playing it or watching it, you are for a while transported to a new world of all sorts of magic possibilities.

But next time you see the caretaker at a local ground, or the man who puts the nets up, or a coach taking someone you knows team, give them a pat on the back and say "good work kind sir." Although perhaps not so formal.

As the world turns toward a new age of technowondery, we will no doubt see the game of football change with it. As technology attempts to overwhelm nature on earth the game will no doubt become more useful of it and dependant on it.

These things are before us but there is always hope, hope in the little person out there who gets up on a Saturday or whatever other day and goes down to the park to keep it all going.

Or maybe they will replace them with robots.

Surely not.

Well, here's to those heroes of football anyway, may they live on.