New York Giants without Plaxico Burress: What Now?

Ethel LairContributor IDecember 2, 2008

What now you say? What will happen to the defending Super Bowl Champs without Plax? I will tell you. They already know what will happen, as they have been doing without him for a while now and doing just fine!

First of all, it's Eli's team, not Plaxico's team. He is the captain and leader along with others who show leadership on that team not just on but off the field. Let's not just look at what Plaxico has done or not done. Let's look at what the team has done so far this year.

Now, let me see their record is? Is it not 11 wins to one loss?

How many of those wins did Plaxico help them win? He has not been there for a lot of games and there are many wide receivers who have stepped up and done the job. Dominick Hixon, Steve Smith, and Simorice Moss are the three I think are doing the job along with others.

When a team, champs or not, depend on one player to win they become losers. I recently wrote another article about Plaxico, but failed to mention how I thought his problems would affect the Giants on the field and off.

I know it has not and will not be a distraction and not keep them from winning. They are a team and not just a team of one. Plaxico is a good player and may be missed, but his not being there will not cause them to lose.

I think they are even a better team right now because everyone is stepping up and doing their part to win. It is a well coached team and all the coaches from coach Coughlin to all the other coaches on offense and defense have helped make them the champions they are and will be in the future.

Everyone has said and I think its true they are a better team this year than last year when they won the Super Bowl. That was a miracle team for sure and this year they are working hard and on there way to another championship year.

I know, if they continue to work together and listen to the coaches they will be winners. How? By doing it together with everyone always doing their part and helping and each other. TEAM MEANS:


E- Everyone

A- Always

M- Means Champions

So, don't worry folks the Giants are a team because together everyone always means champions. Champions is more than one it is ONE TEAM. There is a song children sing that goes "If we all work together how happy will be".

I wish I could remember all the words as it talks about your part and my part etc...but all working together makes happy people and a happy and successful team like the New York Giants.

Look at the job already being done by some of the younger players. Every week there seems to be a new star. They lost more players than Plaxico like OC and others and because they are not just one but a true family and T E A M they will always be champions.

Let's get our eyes off one person and stop saying, oh no what will happen to the Giants now without Plaxico?

Instead look at the team and how well they are doing. It is not who you are or who you are without but how you play the game. They play as a TEAM and they are and will do just fine in defending and winning their second championship in as many years. Watch them win without or with, they are after all the Champions!


Written by Ethel M. Lair