Detroit Lions Lead the Five Worst NFL Teams!

Taylor LunemannCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

From year to year, there are many teams that have very disappointing seasons in professional sports. This year has been no exception for many proud franchises throughout the National Football League.

Many teams are looking forward to the season being over, so which teams want to put the season behind them as quickly as possible? You will soon find out.

There are not many good things to say about the Detroit Lions. They have struggled more than any other team in the entire league, as it shows by them having no wins, which would make history for a team playing the entire sixteen game schedule.

They have only had a few bright spots this year, with players like Calvin Johnson, rookie Kevin Smith, and to some extent, cornerback Leigh Bodden. Johnson is set to represent his team in the Pro Bowl as he has molded himself into a top wide receiver in this league despite playing with many different quarterbacks this year.

Kevin Smith also appears to have quite a bit of potential and will look to improve next year, but this team as a whole is just terrible. As if the offense was not bad, the defense has been much worse, ranking second to last in the NFL in total defense and dead last in rushing.

With only Green Bay left on their remaining schedule with a losing record, this season is looking to be very disappointing. However, I believe they will play tough against the Vikings this Sunday as Minnesota loves to play down to their competition.

The next two is a close battle between the Cincinnati Bengals and the St. Louis Rams. I believe the Rams are the worse team, as they cannot seem to score points, and they give up the second most points in the NFL.

This team might even be more of a mess than the Lions. They have question marks all over their offense and defense, and when their star running back only plays in half the games, it is extremely hard to win games.

They really only had one good offensive game, other than that, they have been pathetic, only scoring garbage touchdowns late in the game. Then again, when your best offseason acquisition is a kicker, you should not expect anything other than two wins.

The Bengals' are a step ahead of the Rams, which isn’t saying much. The last few seasons, this team has relied on the play of Carson Palmer to outscore teams, with him on the shelf, and “Ocho Stinko” having the worst year of his life, watching this team is very hard to do.

The team that has been in the media for having a players suspended left and right now has no character, which might even be worse. Ocho Cinco has been quiet all year, in the media and on the field.

So maybe the personnel shouldn’t have been complaining about the team these last few years, because now they have a nice dose of how bad it can really be.

The next team will have to be the Kansas City Chiefs. This team has definitely improved throughout the course of this season, but that is no excuse for being 2-10. Their defense ranks last in the entire NFL, which never bodes well for a team in this league.

Teams can run at will against them as their run defense ranks second to last. Larry Johnson’s semi-revival has been a pleasant surprise, but the once proud offensive line has diminished these last few years, and L.J. should take what he can get this year, as there most likely will not be much improvement next year.

The emergence of Tyler Thigpen as an average quarterback in the league has helped them score points and even stay in a few games this year. His chemistry with the receivers on this team has been very beneficial as he clicked with them almost instantly.

Still, if they do not find a defense soon, Herm Edwards will find himself out of a job sooner than expected.

As much as I would love to put the Raiders on this list, for having a pathetic offense and quarterback, their defense has improved quite a bit. So this spot is reserved for a very disappointing Seattle Seahawks team.

After Week 13, they actually took the spot for last place pass defense. I will admit, this team is, hands down, the most injury-plagued team this season, but there are no sympathy points in this league. It is a good thing their stadium is known as the 12th man, because they have already been playing short all year.

Unlike Detroit, this team has even less to look forward to next year. There is no Calvin Johnson or Kevin Smith that can be exciting to watch or look forward to, instead, there is an aging quarterback in Matt Hasselbeck, washed up wide receivers Bobby Engram and Deion Branch and an offensive line that has lost a step.

There has not really been any emergence out of any players on this team. Their rookie tight end John Carlson is probably their lone bright spot, a very dim one, but I am sure they will take anything.

So Mike Holmgren should consider getting off his McDonalds diet and start watching tapes to see if his team can pick up a few wins in these last few weeks.  

With the season winding down, many of these teams can look forward to an offseason of resting and preparing for next season. But with records like these, many of the coaches and players should also be looking for more work, as many will likely be sent off as seasons like these are not acceptable.

They can only hope to perform well enough to keep their jobs and pick up a few wins as playoff teams rest their players in these last few weeks.