Farouk Adelekan: This Rookie Is A Contender

Alice MeikleCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2008

Farouk Adelekan (6-2, 275, University of Houston), who recently completed his second AF2 season with Tennessee, was a major force on the Vipers’ defense. 

The former University of Houston standout tormented the Green Bay Blizzard in his best game last season, with five total tackles (all solo), three tackles for a loss, three sacks for 23 yards, and three forced fumbles.

Adelekan also recovered two of the three fumbles he forced, and had five quarterback hurries in that same game.  

His style of play is aggressive and punishing. 

The Chicago native is a product of Nigerian parents, and moved back to Lagos, Nigeria after birth until the age of seven.  Adelekan holds a baccalaureate degree in Psychology, and is a rather blunt and outspoken guy.  

Farouk has signed with the New York Dragons, and says while he misses Chicago’s rich culture and his many friends, he understands that he has to take care of business in New York. 

Let see if I can get into the head of this Psychology major. 

Do you have a nickname? 

No, but the name “Farouk” means king. 

Where have you traveled to other than within the United States? 

Lagos, Nigeria. 

Born in United States? 


Where were you raised? 

Raised in Lagos, Nigeria and Chicago, Illinois.  

Where do you call home? 


What is the name of your hometown newspaper? 

Chicago Tribune.

Your favorite hometown hang-out? 

Bi-Level Club in Chicago.

Where did you go to high school? 

Thornton Fraction North High School.

CSI, NYPD Blue, or ESPN SportsCenter? 

ESPN, all day all the time. 

Tell me about living in Chicago? 

I love the culture and people in the Chicago community.  I have close ties with the Nigerian community there. 

What do you for fun outside of football?          

I love music and enjoy listening to a variety of music in my spare time, especially rap and hip hop. 

Which NFL defensive end do you admire? 

Dwight Freeney.

Which coach made lasting impression on you while growing up? 

Coach Lemon, strength and conditioning coach.

Favorite Quote? 

“The first and best victory is to conquer self.”

Proudest Achievement? 

Earning my degree.

Are you always being accused of psycho-analyzing people

I've been accused of playing Dr. Phil once or twice.  But I'm innocent! 

Pet Peeve? 

Needy people.

Who is the rock in your life?

My older brother Tunde and mom Sherifat are key to my success. 

Who is in your entourage?  

Rich Childress, Lee Robinson,  Victor Malone, and Jackie Battle. 

What would you like fans to know about you? 

Fans should not confuse my punishing demeanor on the field to anything off the field. 

I am sure there is an AFL player out there that you will like to play against, if so who is he? 

I want to take on the entire Chicago, Columbus and San Jose teams.

Have you ever done kickboxing or yoga? 


Do you trash talk?

I speak with my actions on the field. 

Who is the best trash talker you ever heard?

[Boxer] Roy Jones, Jr.  

Have you ever been pancaked?

I've eaten a few pancakes on and off the field. 

Jersey Number? 

No. 93 

Look for Farouk to take New York by storm—he is definitely a contender.


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