The UFC World Cup: Represent Your Country

Andrew AltonCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

Soccer has the World Cup; Golf has the Ryder Cup; Tennis has the Davis Cup; Baseball has the World Baseball Classic; The world has the Olympics. Its time for MMA to have a competition with fighters representing their country.

Because the UFC is the "face" of MMA, and because Dana White fancies himself a tyrant, the most plausible way for a MMA World Cup would occur is through the UFC.

The UFC World Cup could happen every four years, similar to the Olympics. 

Also, prized fighters could defend their belts in contests associated with the World Cup. Because the World Cup occurs in increments of four years, it will be acceptable that No. 1 contenders are overlooked. However, all fights will be five rounds.

The tournament structure could be in a bracket format. The first year would include four countries, United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Canada. As other countries gain more experienced and successful fighters, they could be included.

The first round would take place in March and April, and the championship would be held in November.

Each country will provide one fighter in the main weight divisions: heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight, welterweight, and lightweight.  Therefore, it is a "best of five" contest. 

For Pay-Per-View, the five fights will be the main card.

The competition begins with the lightweights and increases in weight, with the heavyweights being the last fight. Also, other fighters in the contest are not able to see the results, so every fight matters.

Here is where it gets interesting. Like the Ryder Cup for golf, each country has a veteran as the team captain that picks the fighters that will represent their country.  This is the most crucial part.

How do you think it would go down?

* Here is how I imagine it*

United States

Captain: Randy Couture.

Fighters: Brock Lesnar, Forrest Griffin, Dan Henderson, BJ Penn, and Urijah Faber.


Captain: Georges St. Pierre. 

Fighters: Cheick Kongo (France is sort of close to Canada), Mark Bocek, Patrick Cote, Georges St. Pierre, and Sam Stout.

- Projected Outcome: Faber beats Stout. Pierre beats Penn. Cote beats Henderson.  Griffin beats Bocek. Lesnar beats Kongo. USA wins 3-2.


Captain: Royce Gracie. 

Fighters:  Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Lyoto Machida, Anderson Silva, Thiago Alves, and Hermes Franca.

United Kingdom

Captain: Michael Bisping. 

Fighters: Neil Wain, Per Ecklund (I am sure he would rather be English than Swedish), Michael Bispin, Paul Kelly, and Terry Etim.

- Projected Outcome:  Brazil sweeps all five events.  Brazil 5-0.


- Outcome:  Faber beats Franca.  Alves beats Penn.  Silva beats Henderson.  Griffin beats Machida.  Nogueira beats Lesnar.  Brazil 3-2.

Many different fighters could be inserted here, and possibly other countries could be included.  How would your UFC World Cup look?