WWE: Why Big Show Is Not Missed on Monday Night Raw

Graham GSM MatthewsFeatured ColumnistOctober 8, 2011

Big Show
Big Show

At the Money in the Bank pay-per-view this past July, Big Show's full-time pro wrestling career came to an impromptu end at the hands of the monstrous Mark Henry. After suffering from a broken angle, that fateful night seemed to be the last time we would see Show on television for a very long period of time.

However, it was not an unfortunate turn of events by any means, as numerous members of the IWC began to criticize the work ethic of the Big Show. Although Mark Henry was that much better, at least his character was injected with a new sense of frustration and intensity.

Show, on the other hand, has been laid to waste since returning to WWE back in 2008. He's managed to capture WWE Tag Team gold in recent years, but his runs as a singles competitor have always received lackluster feedback when he is knocking out any potential rising superstar on the horizon.

He's 39, and one must wonder what else is there left to do for Big Show in WWE, seeing he's been able to accomplish everything he's set out to do. Turning him back heel and giving him a Mark Henry-like push would do nothing for him at this point, as his natural comedian personality is what gets him over with the fans big time.

Last night on Friday Night SmackDown, Big Show returned to television confronting his arch-nemesis, World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry. Show issued a challenge to the World's Strongest Man for the World Title, which he subsequently received after choke-slamming Henry through the commentating table before threatening to end his career.

Personally, I believe reigniting this rivalry will do nothing for either man, especially since their match at Money in the Bank wasn't exactly a five-star contest. I honestly hope Big Show doesn't emerge victorious come Vengeance in three weeks, as that would be the worst possible scenario to end this long-deserved roll that Mark Henry has been on.

With the SuperShow aspect still apart of Monday Nights, I don't see any real reason to bring back the Big Show so soon, if at all. Both brands have benefited from not having him or Kane constantly appearing on television each and every week, especially with powerhouses such as Henry, Brodus Clay, Mason Ryan, Sheamus and many more rightfully taking their place.

However, I do understand that Big Show's loyalty to the company in the past decade has given him his deserved place in the company, but you can't help but think that retirement isn't too far away. Show has become more and more useless as years progress, with his WrestleMania appearances becoming no more than filler at the annual event.

The only two men that come to mind that can benefit from slaying the beast that is Mark Henry for the World Championship are Sheamus and Mr. Money in the Bank Daniel Bryan. Having Big Show come in and destroy everything Henry has managed to build since June is not only illogical, but disgraceful.

Just recently, Big Show was announced as one of the few main-event superstars to be appearing at this upcoming edition of Raw under Triple H's rule. Hearing Show's music hit last night on SmackDown didn't give me any excitement for the future whatsoever, which is rare given that returns should be highly anticipated instead of sighed upon.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not "hating" on Big Show by any means, but I just wish his role in WWE for the foreseeable future will be reduced to the bare minimum. He has since appeared in a variety of films, so if he ever decides to hang up his boots within the next few years, he has a credible occupation to fall back on.

Thanks for reading, Bleachers, and make sure to drop a comment with your thoughts on the recent return of the Big Show and anything else that comes to mind. As always, your criticism and overall feedback is encouraged and appreciated.

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