Washington State Football: Moving Forward

Lew WrightSenior Writer IDecember 2, 2008

(This part one of a series exploring the future of the WSU football program)

That special time of year has arrived.  For Cougar Nation, it couldn’t come quickly enough. 

For the past few months, the Washington State football program has proved to be an unmitigated mess.

All of that can now fade into the deepest reaches of our collective memories.  Yes, the nightmare that was the 2008 WSU football season has come to an unceremonious conclusion.


At it’s best, college football is a wonderful collection of dreams becoming reality.

The dream can take the form of a National Championship.  It might be a conference championship.  Then again, the dream might be focused on winning the annual game with your top rival.

Some dream of winning the Heisman Trophy.  Others have a vision which includes being selected All-American.  Perhaps the dream is localized on becoming an all-conference player.

For fans, their dream typically is to have an undefeated season that propels them to new levels of talking smack with friends who follow teams other than the very best…their team.

Cougar Nation is comprised of folks who may have modest dreams when compared to other fan bases.  That doesn’t mean their dreams are any less motivating or inspired.  Cougs are a different breed of cat, no question about it.

For the next nine months, Cougs will nurture the dream of a football season that culminates in another Apple Cup win, a Pac-10 conference title, and another trip to the Rose Bowl.

Those dreams all seem very real today.

There are trimesters to get through before the kickoff to the 2009 Washington State football season.  Recruiting, spring practice and fall practice lie ahead.

The dream(s) lives on across Cougar Nation.


Part Two of this serious will consider the first trimester: Recruiting.