Josep Guardiola Unsure of Long-Term Barcelona Contract Yet Again

Anurag BhattCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2011

Guardiola has repeated his regular insistence to avoid long-term deals
Guardiola has repeated his regular insistence to avoid long-term dealsJasper Juinen/Getty Images

Josep Guardiola re-affirmed his reluctance to sign a long-term deal at Barcelona in an interview published in Catalan daily Sport.

Guardiola has always re-signed for no more than one season at a time during his tenure at Barcelona. When asked about his future at the club, he said:

"In my profession you have to make decisions depending on what is happening. There will be a day when I no longer feel like being with my players, just as they will not feel like being with me, and at that moment I will have to go find others to make those plans for the future."

Guardiola has previously complained that the Barcelona job has a tendency to burn him out due to the long hours that he puts in, and these recent quotes throw more doubt on just how long he will stay at the club.

Considering the unprecedented success that he has brought to Barcelona, however, the thought of Guardiola leaving the club within the next few seasons is much too difficult to imagine. 

Interestingly, Guardiola has always been reticent about committing himself to long-term contracts as a manager, though this fact has not stopped him from signing on twice before this season. 

As Cules, we can only hope that Guardiola's statements are just the usual bouts of reluctance that he is wont to have, and that he will continue to re-sign with the club for the next few years.