Penn State Still Has a Shot at The National Title Game. Wait, What!!???

Anthony EliasCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

Before this is dismissed as a homer's view of the BCS proceedings, read on carefully.

There are seven teams currently ranked ahead of Penn State in the BCS.

  • Alabama
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • USC
  • Utah
  • Texas Tech

Now Alabama and Florida play each other next week. If Florida loses, they will have two losses, and will be out of contention. If Alabama goes to the title game, they will as the only BCS conference undefeated team in the land.

Oklahoma and Missouri play next week. If Oklahoma loses, they are out of the title contention.

Wait, if Oklahoma loses, than the voters will just stick Texas in right?

Maybe not...

Think about it. Texas complained that even though they beat Oklahoma head to head, by virtue of the voters and the BCS, Texas was slighted out of the Big 12 South berth to the conference title game.

So how could they lobby to put be put ahead of Texas Tech, a one loss team who beat Texas? Why it would be downright hypocritical.

The voters would realize if Oklahoma loses, that they made a mistake voting the Sooners in. They will decide to go for the head to head. And Texas Tech won that.

We are at a clear solution. Neither Texas Tech or Texas won their own DIVISION, much less their own conference. Tech has too much ground to make up, and Texas lost to them.

Therefore, no one from the Big three of the Big 12 teams can honestly lay any claim to the National Title Game, because two of them could not win their own division, and one couldn't win their conference when given the chance.

So that leaves us with Utah, USC, and Penn State.

Now, this whole article is moot if we knew that an undefeated Utah has a shot at the title. But we know that they are lucky to simply be a BCS buster, much less have a shot at the title game. So we shall unfairly, but realistically ignore them.

And USC is left ahead of PSU for that final spot.

USC assuming they beat UCLA, is 11-1. 

They become winners of a weak Pac-10 conference, containing arguably the worst BCS conference teams (Washington & Washington St.), only three ranked teams, and only four at or better than 7-5. USC will be the only BCS Bowl Bound team from the conference.

PSU on the other hand, has already clinched the Big Ten Championship, at 11-1.

They won a decent conference, which has four teams ranked, seven teams at or better than 7-5, and has two BCS Bowl bids on the way with PSU and OSU.


Advantage: PSU

They did not play each other, but they have two opponents in common who they did play.

Ohio State & Oregon State:

USC trampled Ohio State 35-3.


OSU did not have Beanie Wells, or Terrelle Pryor.

Penn State beat OSU narrowly, 13-6.


With OSU's offense clicking behind Beanie Wells and Terrelle Pryor.

Advantage: USC, but its closer than it seems...

USC lost to Oregon State 27-21.

At Oregon State.

The score was not nearly as close as indicated. Oregon State clearly controlled the game, and established the tone early. They were never trailing.

Not to mention Jacquizz Rodgers who dazzled everyone with 136 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns, and many pointed as the dagger to USC.

PSU beat Oregon State 41-14.

At Penn State.

Jacquizz Rodgers ran for 99 yards and 2 touchdowns against PSU. And they still beat them by a large margin.

Advantage: PSU for 2-0 record against common opponents.

Non conference schedules?

PSU's non conference foes have a combined record of 22-24, including FCS Coastal Carolina, Syracuse, Temple, and Oregon State.

USC's non conference foes have a combined record of 21-15, including Notre Dame, Virginia, and Ohio State.

Advantage: USC

Who has the worst loss?

USC's no show at Oregon State?

Or PSU's gut wrenching, one point, leading for all but the last six seconds loss to an 8-4 New Year's Day Bowl Bound Iowa team in the horrible snowy and windy conditions?

Advantage: PSU


So all in all, PSU by virtue of the 2-0 record against common foes, the tougher conference, and a better looking loss (if such a thing exists) outweigh USC's advantage in the non conference arena, and PSU would be picked ahead of USC to go the the title game.

Alabama vs. Penn State.

SEC vs. Big Ten.

Joe Paterno vs. Nick Saban.

Traditional Powerhouses.

See if the voters can look at this and say no.

By the way.

They will. Just saying it is a pretty hefty argument...


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