Philadelphia Eagles Need a New Leader

Dan JesselContributor IDecember 2, 2008

How far must the Philadelphia Eagles fall before Andy Reid goes?

To be a Super Bowl team, the fist thing you need is a great defence. The Eagle have that, and with Jim Johnson running it, they will stay that way for some time. The next thing you need is a great running attack.

This is where Andy Reid comes in.

He runs a version of the West Coast offence. It requires a big, smash-mouth running back, a mobile quarterback, a good pass-catching tight end, and a big go-to wideout like Keyshawn Johnson. Reid, in his 10th year with the team, has managed to get only one of those things.

I know what you're saying, "What about the GM?"

I know Reid is not the only one at fault, but he has a lot of say in who they pick up in free agency and how they draft. He is also responsible for building an offensive scheme around the personnel he has.

Brian Westbrook will never be a "between the tackles" runner. With the likes of Brandon Jacobs, Marion Barber, and Clinton Portis in the NFC East, how will they ever keep up?

In this past draft, the Eagles passed on a big wideout in Limas Sweed for DeSean Jackson. Don't get me wrong, Jackson is a special player, but the Eagles already have that in Westbrook in the return game, and the combination of Westbrook, Greg Lewis, and Hank Baskett in the passing game.

Andy Reid has had some success, but the only time he could get to a Super Bowl was '05 with T.O. I am not a fan of his , but he made the Eagles offence click. You add a big running back with the ability to control the clock and wear apposing defences down and we have a different outcome to that game.

The Philadelphia Eagles need a change in philosophy, and it needs to start with a change in head coaches.

How about it Bill Cowher?