Cowboys-Steelers : NFL Game of the Week

Thomas H.Correspondent IDecember 2, 2008

Both teams sit on the edge of the playoffs, and both would love this win.

The Cowboys come into this game on a hot streak, three straight since their week off. With Romo back, the smiles are back in Dallas. The problem is that they still don't have a playoff seed, and their next three opponents are a combined 28-8.

The Steelers have won four of five and have been looking very good, that one loss being a close one to the Colts. Their issue is that the Ravens are 8-4 and are only one game behind them, and their next three teams are 27-9!

Truly, both teams need this game to stay alive.

Tony Romo is on fire, with two straight 113 passing rating, 300 plus passing games. He has brought the team back to life and shown that the Cowboys aren't the Cowboys without him.

The Steelers secondary is first in the league, with Polamalu and Harrison leading the way with picks and sacks. They are a deadly threat to quarterbacks. Still, when I see these two giants battling, I know that a giant always wins big. I see a 275-yard game for Romo, but he does throw a interception.

Marion Barber is awful. With 59 yard and 34 yard games, he has been skidding without Felix Jones to back him up. He had a strong start, but he is projected to have a slow end.

The Steelers running defense is also first in the league. It's no coincidence, they are a sack threat and shut down offensive lines. There will be no holes for Barber, he won't get more than 50 yards. He gets 46 yards on 15 attempts, and no touchdowns.

Ben Roethlisberger is having a slow start, with 13 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. He has been averaging around 200 yards per game, but hasn't really had any breakout games. Poor Ben is the only part of the Steelers who isn't feeling the winning spirit.

The Cowboys secondary is solid, giving about 200 yards per game. I feel that Ben might have some luck though, due to Santonio Holmes doing well and Hines Ward exploding also. He gets 250 yards, a few touchdowns and no interceptions.

The Steelers' running game, made up of Parker and Moore, has been the bigger part of this low key offense. Bouncing back after a week game against the Bengals, Parker exploded with 87 yards and a healthy average. Mewelde has more solid games, averaging around 50 yards lately (ignoring the negative-one yard game against San Diego).

The Cowboys' running defense lets under 90 yards per game. That's pretty good folks, and they pride themselves on big stops by players like Ward. Still, I see the combo combining for 120, 80 for Parker and 40 for Moore.

OK people, I pick by my evidence. So here is my reasoning.


The Pick: Pittsburgh: 24, Dallas: 17

The Steelers get the home game, and keep on rolling.


Other Picks around the League

SD:30     OAK:21             Rivers and  the Charge get a win.

CHI:24     JAC:20             A close game, I feel it.

MIN: 27    DET:14            Detroit's a train wreck.

GB:28       HOU:21           You think this is a automatic? No way!

IND:30      CIN:17            Colts are looking good.

ATL:24     NO: 21             Falcons get a HUGE win.

NYG:35     PHI:24            Giants are overpowering right now, even if Eagles are off a big win.

TEN:20     CLE:14             I haven't doubted the Titans yet.

MIA: 31     BUFF: 17         Miami sends a message, they are still here.

DEN:21     KC:20             Barely, I doubt the Broncos a lot.

NYJ:31      SF:20             Prove me wrong Football Gods.

NE:28       SEA: 10           Blow them out of the league.

ARI:21      STL:17            Here we go Arizona.

BAL:31    WAS:21            Ravens= Underrated!

CAR:28    TB:27              Very close game, I could be very wrong.