UFC 140 Fight Card: 4 Reasons Jon Jones Will Destroy Lyoto Machida

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIIOctober 7, 2011

UFC 140 Fight Card: 4 Reasons Jon Jones Will Destroy Lyoto Machida

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    Lyoto Machida finally has an opponent lined up and it will be none other than UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

    UFC president Dana White broke the news today on Twitter, announcing the fight as the main event of UFC 140.

    Jones recently defended his title for the first time against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 135.

    The last time we saw Machida he was retiring Randy Couture with an amazing jumping front kick that KO’d the UFC legend.

    Machida will be Jones’ toughest test to date. His style of elusive karate is one of the hardest for fighters to figure out.

    Despite this, Jones will find a way to beat Machida. Here are the reasons why.

Jones Will Have the Machida Puzzle Solved

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    The only two men to ever beat Machida are Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Rampage Jackson.

    Both men refused to go back up against Machida, and both men were dominated by Jones this year.

    Jones is a true student of the game and will be quick to go for any weakness he sees in Machida.

    Jones will know where Machida is dangerous at and will do everything in his ability to avoid that.

No One Has Had an Answer for Jones Yet

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    Despite Machida being one of the most difficult fighters to go against, he has been defeated twice.

    Jones has also been defeated, but it was by DQ.

    No one has been able to figure out Jones yet in the Octagon.

    He is always one step ahead of his opponents and always finds a way to out strike, out wrestle and out work them.

    Anyone can be defeated in MMA. But Jones could be on a path that won’t be stopped for some time.

Jone's Wrestling Ablity

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    Lyoto Machida is one of the hardest fighters to take down. 

    Machida's elusive style has been tested by dominant wrestlers like Rashad Evans and Randy Couture before.

    Why is Jones different?

    Jones' wide base, strength and speed could be game changers when it comes to getting Machida down.

    Machida has never faced anyone who could get takedowns like Jones can. 

Jones Has Had Near Perfect Defense

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    When it comes to the defensive side of things, Jones is slightly better than Machida. 

    Jones has avoided 67 percent of his opponent's strikes while Machida has avoided 63 percent.

    When it comes to takedowns, no one has been able to get Jones to the ground. 

    It's no secret Machida will be the more technically sound fighter coming into this bout. But he could very well get a taste of his own medicine if he can't hit Jones. 


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    Let's face it. Although the title says "4 Reasons Jon Jones will destroy Lyoto Machida," this will not be an easy fight. 

    Jones and Machida are two of MMA's biggest enigmas. 

    The fight could go either way, honestly, and could end in the first or the fifth round. 

    Jones has been on a good path thus far in his career but is also fighting for the fourth time this year. 

    Will Jones add Machida to the list of fighters he's dominated? Or will Machida be the one to solve the Jon Jones Puzzle? 

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