Juan Lopez vs Sergio Medina to Headline De La Hoya Under Card

Nathan AguilarCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

December sixth is a big day for most hardcore boxing fans, and for fans who love big name boxers. 

It’s the day Golden Boy and Pac-man meet in the ring, but what they’re not expecting is the exciting under-card. 

The co-main event features Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Sergio Manual Medina for the WBO Super Bantamweight Title.

Juan Lopez, alias “Juanma," will be making the second defense of the title. With an unbeaten record of 23 wins (21KO), which puts his knockout percent at 91.3, there is no shortage of proof that the little man can hang with the big boys!

Juanma has only gone the distance twice, and both times were in 2006.

He’s knocked-out his last 13 opponents and over half of them were within the first six rounds. Lopez has stated that he views Sergio Medina as a speed bump, someone he had to run into, and shows his feelings by barely acknowledging the fight in press conferences and interviews.

“I’m looking for my next opponent and I have two in mind,” Juan Lopez said.

The two he’s speaking of are: Junior Featherweight champion Israel Vazquez, and Rafael Marquez, two top names in boxing today known for their epic Trilogy that made it into the Hall of Fame this year.

Like every boxer, Juanma wants the big fights that can bring him big money, but unfortunately in the lighter divisions the big names that make the money are the guys who pose threats.

Opponent Breakdowns

Israel Vasquez (43-4)

Loves to stand toe-to-toe, has good boxing skills and a very fast paste. He poses punching power that matches up with the best of which is why he's the champ.

Rafael Marquez (37-5)

He essentially has a similar fighting style to Vasquez except for the impressive counter punching he possesses, like brother Juan Manuel Marquez.

I feel that the motive to fight these two fighters would come from the rivalry between Puerto-Rican and Mexican fighters. 

I found no records of him calling out Celestino Caballero (31-2) who is ranked number two in the division and just recently won in a powerful showing with a fourth round KO in a fight he completely dominated.

But, what Juan Manuel Lopez may be doing is looking over the opponent that is focusing on him. 

Sergio Manuel Medina is an experienced fighter who may not be ranked in the top five fighters alongside the names I mentioned, but he is a veteran boxer with a record of 33 wins (18KO) and one loss.

Coming out of Argentina, Sergio Medina is called by the alias “Rocky” and with 203 rounds fought he can cause difficulty for any fighter. You should never overlook an opponent and on December sixth, Sergio Medina hopes to show why.