WWE: The Most Racist Organization?

TJ DuncanCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

WWE is one of the biggest sporting organizations in the entire world, and undoubtedly the biggest wrestling organization.

With billionaire Vince McMahon at the helm, WWE has taken off. It is now broadcasted in hundreds of different countries.

The United States of America, however, will always be its homeland. This is evident from the storylines as much as anything.

Now, the title of this piece is "WWE: The Most Racist Organization?"  I don't mean that black people don't get similar opportunities as white people, no.  In fact, it is people of different ethnicities, people from different countries, who get the worst deals—especially overseas countries.

I can think of two superstars in recent times who are not from North America who have been face: Finlay (and Hornswoggle), and now the Great Khali.

Finlay started off heel, and only turned face when Hornswoggle was thought to be Vince McMahon's illegitimate love child, therefore making Hornswoggle American. Vince realised he was a hit with the fans, and so decided to make the two Irishmen face.

The Great Khali has very recently started to turn face, but that seems to be mainly as a joke character, someone for us to laugh at.

Let's have a quick look at some of the foreigners there has been in wrestling recently: Daivari, Umaga, Armando Estrada, Santino Marella, William Regal, Paul and Kate Lea Burchill and many more. All heel.

Perhaps the biggest one now is Vladimir Kozlov who is made out to be dangerous and secretive because he is Russian.

In the storyline he had with Triple H a few weeks ago, The Game often came out and mocked his accent. He said that the American always beats the Russian.

It is a matter of opinion whether you think this is belittling Kozlov for being Russian, or bigging himself up for being American. If it is the former, it could be seen as racism, if it is the latter, it is simply patriotic. I am leaning more towards the former.

There is a definite hint of racism still prevalent in the WWE.