Smarter than the Average NASCAR Bear

Charlie TurnerSenior Writer IDecember 1, 2008

NASCAR teams may well be the smartest group of individuals assembled of any major sport.

The stick and ball sports are ripe with the stories of dumb athletes; who in spite of their own stupidity can excel in their chosen profession.  You don’t have to look too far back into history to see some of America’s most revered athletes doing something that defies reason.  The NFL alone has the likes of “Pacman” Jones, Michael Vick, and Ricky Williams; who not only have done some stupid things, but illegal as well.

Compare that to the hundreds of NASCAR drivers, owners and team members that are rarely involved in these stupid acts.  Could it be that NASCAR team mates just need to use their brains to solve the challenges of this sport, more than raw physical ability?  NASCAR teams have engineers in all facets of the sport including the likes of drivers Ryan Newman and the late Alan Kulwicki.

Getting a 3500 pound race car to do what is necessary to make consistant fast laps falls onto the shoulders of the teams to out think the car.  Maybe the days of Cale or the Allisons or Pearson muscling a car for 500 miles are long gone because race teams have found ways to work smarter and not harder.

And if the teams are smarter than most then it stands to reason that the fans are smarter than those of other sports.

This leads us to this week’s BUZZ ON PIT ROW:

If you had the power to change one thing, and one thing only, about NASCAR, what would it be?

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