WWE Survivor Series 2011: Possible Card for the Annual Thanksgiving Extravaganza

Mo KhonContributor IIIOctober 6, 2011

WWE Survivor Series 2011: Possible Card for the Annual Thanksgiving Extravaganza

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    With more than six weeks remaining until the 25th Anniversary of Survivor Series, the WWE is sure to give the fans a show they will be buzzing about for a long time.

    The silver anniversary of the annual Thanksgiving tradition will feature the return of the Great One, The Rock, back to Madison Square Garden. In many ways, this show will serve as the prelude to the upcoming Road to WrestleMania. This will also be the show where several superstars will have the opportunity to break through and reach new heights.

    Now, predicting a PPV card weeks in advance is never an easy thing to do.

    As a matter of fact, with the way storylines are being constantly altered at the last minute, I wouldn’t be surprised if I got the entire card wrong.

    Nonetheless, it never hurts to make a few educated guesses, right? Well, here I go…

5 on 5 Divas Traditional Survivor Series Match

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    Divas of Doom, Bella Twins, Maryse vs. Kelly, Eve, AJ, Alicia, Kaitlyn

    Every year there seems to be one of these Traditional Survivor Series Elimination matches involving the divas.

    This year won’t be any different.

    The Divas of Doom will co-captain their team against that of Kelly Kelly’s and Eve’s.

    Looking through the current list of Divas available on the roster, it is easy to see where the divas will side. I’m not sure about Maryse’s health status, but if she is not medically cleared by Survivor Series, then expect Tamina to take her place.


    Prediction: Team Divas of Doom will defeat Team Kelly & Eve (10 Minutes)

Mark Henry vs. Big Show for the World Championship (Last Man Standing)

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    With this matchup expected to take place at the Vengeance PPV in three weeks, it’s going to be difficult to give this match the proper hype.

    Thus, it would only be logical to carry this feud through Survivor Series.

    I am expecting a cheap finish at Vengeance, which would set up for the Last Man Standing stipulation at Survivor Series.

    In a match where neither of two superstars can wrestle a technically sound match, the stipulation would allow these two to use their surroundings to make the match more intriguing


    Prediction: Mark Henry will defeat Big Show and retain the World Heavyweight Championship (17 Minutes)

The Monster Returns

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    Following the Last Man Standing Match, The Big Red Machine, Kane, returns!


    Mark Henry looks on terrified as he realizes that he must now prepare himself to face Kane at a later date.

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk (WWE Championship)

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    Seeing that Del Rio just won the WWE Championship, it would make perfect sense for him to hold on to the title for a while.

    Then again, after seeing his first disappointing title reign, I could be wrong, right?

    This time around, I expect Del Rio to have a strong solid run with the title.

    John Cena should be out of the title picture come Survivor Series, and that will leave CM Punk to be the lone challenger.

    The WWE Championship has felt like an afterthought recently with all the rapid title changes, but these two could bring prestige back to the title if built correctly.

    Rumors have it that CM Punk is going to end the year on a big note, but that doesn’t guarantee he will win the gold at Survivor Series.


    Prediction: Alberto Del Rio will defeat CM Punk to retain the WWE Championship (15 Minutes)

    You’re probably asking yourself why on earth I expect the Mark Henry/Big Show match to last longer than the Del Rio/Punk match. Keep in mind that Last Man Standing matches have a tendency to stall the crowd with multiple teases of a “10” count. That alone will make the World Heavyweight Championship match last longer.

Main Event: Team Triple H vs. Team Laurinaitis for Control of the WWE

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    Before I get started, I think the WWE will bend the rules a bit when it comes to the Traditional five-on-five elimination matches here.

    With the way the heels are growing in numbers, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a 20-man Elimination Tag Team Contest instead.

    As a matter of fact, I think it would add an extra spark to the main event, which could feature certain superstars an opportunity to really shine.


    Team Triple H

    The Rock, Mick Foley, John Cena, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Zack Ryder, Mason Ryan, John Morrison


    Team Laurinaitis

    Kevin Nash, R-Truth, Miz, Christian, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Cody Rhodes, Brodus Clay


    Sure it would be huge for The Rock to return to the squared circle in Madison Square Garden, but imagine how monumental it would be if it were to be alongside his former Rock ‘N' Sock Connection teammate, Mick Foley! That would instantly be a Survivor Series moment and it sure wouldn’t hurt the PPV buyrate either.

    As far as the rest of the members go for Team Triple H, they’ve all been affected in some form or fashion ever since this COO Storyline began. For the purpose of this slideshow however, I won’t get into detail about that.

    Comprising Team Laurinaitis isn’t too difficult either. They’re a group of disgruntled superstars who seek change.

    The one x-factor will be Brodus Clay.

    WWE aired a promo hyping his return this past week on RAW. It is typical of WWE to use returning stars and showcase them in a monster role in a match of this caliber. Clay could be made to look dominant by taking out several of the weaker superstars of Team Triple H as well as one surprisingly big name. Clay could come out of this match looking like a legitimate main-eventer.

    Kevin Nash would likely have a limited role in this match with Awesome Truth doing most of the team's work.

    In the end, however, Team Laurinaitis will succumb to the All-Star Team, and Triple H’s nightmare of losing the company will be ridded once and for all.


    Prediction: Team Triple H will defeat Team Laurinaitis (40 Minutes)

    Post Match, Mr. Future Endeavors, John Laurinaitis, gets future endeavored.

The End

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    Sure, there are only four matches, but the duration of each match will more than make up for it.

    There will likely be backstage interviews, replays, and other vignettes that will kill time on the PPV.

    Now let me hear your opinions. Do you think I made a fair assessment of what we could expect at Survivor Series? Or should I go do some more homework? I want to hear what y'all think so please, comment away...