AFL Rookies: Josh Richey Is on a Mission in 2008

Alice MeikleCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2008

Northeastern State University alumni wide receiver Joshua “Josh” Richey was a thorn in the side of any defensive back playing in the AF2 last season. 

Josh grabbed 148 catches for 1968 yards and 44 touchdowns, averaging 122.4 receiving yards per game. This 6’3", 195 gamer was the most sought-after wide receiver prospect from the AF2 league during the AFL off-season. 

A native of Oklahoma, Josh is said to be a leader on and off the field. He is considered to be a threat in the red zone and overall a very exciting player. During his season with the Everett Hawks, Josh earned several league honors and actually broke team records in receptions, total yards and touch downs. 

Josh has earned respect from his teammates and even opponents league-wide. This off season, he was offered a contract with the Arena Bowl Champions San Jose Sabercats.  After a successful mini-camp with the Sabercats, Josh is looking forward to the scrimmages most of all. 

He was just named by the AFL Writers as a “Rookie to Watch in 2008."  When I caught up with “Cha-Chee” as he is affectionately called, Josh was upbeat and excited and was minutes away from his very first meeting for the 2008 AFL Season with the Sabercats. 


Where did you get that nickname from? Josh said that he got his nickname from neighborhood friend named Jesus about 15 years ago. He said that Jesus told him that he “Josh” is Cha-Chee in Spanish. The name has stuck ever since. 

How did you like living and playing in Everett, Washington? He said living in Washington was quite different. Josh enjoyed the diverse culture and the warmth of the people. 

Where do you call home? El Reno, OK 

What is the name of your hometown newspaper? El Reno Tribune 

Your favorite hangout spot: The Lot is Josh’s favorite.  This is where he goes to hang out with the older guys in his community. He said that he enjoys playing dominoes and talking to these “old school cats” who are always trying to instill some knowledge.  

Where did you go to high school? El Reno High School 

What did you do this off season? This off season, Josh traveled to several AFL cities for workouts and meets and greets. He was also the wide receiver coach for his former high school team. Too bad Josh could not clone the wide receivers at El Reno High School to possess his talent and abilities. They finished 4-6, but Josh insisted that they had a better season this year.

CSI Miami or ESPN Sports Center? Both

Junior college teammates who have made it to the NFL? Antonio Smith, Arizona Cardinals and Romby Bryant, NFL Free Agent 

What do you for fun outside of football? Josh enjoys a good game of pick-up basketball, says that he also loves to play dominoes. He said that he once beat the neighborhood domino kingpin. 

Which NFL wide receiver do you admire? Marvin Harrison and Michael Irvin 

Which coach made lasting impression on you while growing up? Josh said that it took a village of coaches to groom him for this stage in his life.  Pap Warner, Coach Lloyd Leeds,  Jr. High Coach Rich Little, high school coach Rocky Carter, and Everett Hawk’s coaches Cedric Walker and Steve Papin.

Favorite Quote Ever Heard? "I have a dream" speech by Martin Luther King

Pet Peeve?  Women who smoke 

Who is the rock in your life? Josh says that his Mother is his strength. 

Who is in your Entourage? Shannon Carter, my brother Donyell Hunter,  Deedee Carter, D’Angelo Hayes, Desire Hayes, Desie Hayes, Anthony Evans, Chris Johnson and Edward Prim

What would you like fans to know about you?  Josh is looking forward to entertain the fans in San Jose and hopes that the excitement he will bring to the field will be worth seeing. 

Which AFL player would you like to play against? Chris Royal, Philadelphia Soul 

Have you ever tried yoga? Yes 

Do you trash talk? Josh says that he does not really like trash talking, but if his opponent starts’s on.   

What special skills do you have? Josh is a master of the “Po-Co” route.  That’s post or corner.

This San Jose Rookie is enjoying life in California. He likes playing football and hopes to play on Sundays in the other league. It’s a dream that will happen with hard work.