Cristiano Ronaldo Has a Long Way to Go

Jordon TefftCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Golden Ball! Almost sounds like something a porn star would win...

None-the-less, it is official, he is the best. As if it was ever really question (honestly, for all the others who hate him, any doubt he would pick this award up?).

Your normal, talented, young player would not settle for this. Ronaldo seems to fit right in. He wants to win it again next year. Good luck to him.

Is he the greatest there is? My opinion, far from it!

Where to improve? Here:


1) Modesty: Ronaldo is just to arrogant. Really, he is. I wish he would just shut up about himself. What does this have to do with football? Nothing.

The thing is, other players are good, some better (IMO) yet they don't continuously talk about how great they are. Imagine trying to practice with him? Or eat dinner? "Mmm... this steak is good." CR-"Not as good as me. Did you see that back heel I did. It was all like, bam, and they were like wow. They always go wow. The fans, they love me. Not as much as I love me, but they try. blah blah blah."



2) Diving: Part of the game or not, someone with his "talent" shouldn't have to dive. Take a foul. Get hit. No, he isn't the only one to do it, but I'll talk about them once they win the Golden Ball. Soon he won't have to dive though. Some defender will get tired of it and drop kick him. I can see it happening. "Want a foul, here's your foul!"



3) Love:Yeah...People respect him. Wait! What's this? Senna said he isn't concerned with him just before the CL match. So that isn't even 100% true. Great players are loved by fans and players of all teams. Ronaldo really just gets on most people's nerves. Not in a funny way either.



So none of these have to do with his football skills. Some who read might complain. I know. Honestly, with the exception of Maradonna's "Hand of God" goal, most of the "best" are fair, loved, and modest.


(PS: First ever article. Tell me what you think!)