Notre Dame, Missouri, Oregon State Earn Weekly Steamers

Jim CowanCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2008

This weekend, my Steamers go out to Mizzou, Oregon State, and, of course, Notre Dame.

I didn’t watch the entire Border War, or as our pussified society now must call it, the Border Showdown, but I did watch most of it. The lack of defense was evident but consistent with Big 12 play this season. Mizzou won because it rolled down the field to score after letting Kansas score with a buck fifty still on the clock.

Not only that, they let Reesing march down and toss an egg to a wide open Meier to score once again leaving UM only a few seconds of desperation play. A great game, but Missouri should have pulled that one out.

Oregon State had the chance to lock up the Pac-10 and secure a BCS Rose Bowl bid to play Penn State. All the Beavers had to do was win the Civil War at home this year, and they failed miserably. They allowed 800-plus yards of offense! They controlled their own destiny and flushed it right down the pooper!

I never expected Notre Dame to win, even if coach Charlie Weis was pleading for believers all week. I’ve been a homer all year, but I know a sure loss when I see one. What I did expect is that Weis would not be outcoached once again as he was the week before at home, at senior day, against Syracuse!

I did expect to see a first down in the first half. I did expect for them to at least cover the spread, which was a record 30 points. Guess what they did?...Laid a big fat turd where they used to play football. Pathetic is the only word I can use.

How about the second worst loss in history, only to last year’s drumming. They scored three points and gained less than a hundred yards. Jimmy Clausen threw for...wait for it...41 yards! They did not get a first down until almost the forth quarter.

To top it all off this weekend, Cincinnati, who had locked up the Big East already, beat up Syracuse, 30-10, this week, when it had virtually nothing to play for but pride. At least someone cares to beat teams they’re supposed to beat. Just for that, Notre Dame gets an extra steamer!